826-Pound Alligator: Large 14-Foot, 826-Pound Gator Caught Breaks Mississippi Record

A large 14 foot-long, 826-pound alligator recently caught broke the Mississippi record.

The Sun Herald reports that Saturday morning, Kennie Crechale of Morton caught a giant gator in Mississippi River’s Davis Island that measured exactly 14 feet and 1/4 inches long and weighed in at 826 pounds. Crechale and his hunting partner, Ronnie Clifton, brought in the gator using a rifle.

Ricky Flynt, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Alligator Program coordinator, was the one who certified the alligator as a Mississippi record-breaker late Saturday night after two other large alligators were also hunted the same day — and certified as the longest and heaviest. The one that Crechale and Clifton brought in beat both of those records.

Flynt wrote an email about the 826-pound alligator, and where it was found.

“This alligator was taken on a Private Lands Permit, which allows permitted hunters different opportunities than those offered on public waterways. Private Land permit holders are allowed to take alligators with a high-powered rifle, but only during daylight hours.”

Flynt said that although there have been stories of alligators over 14 feet long in Mississippi, none of them have ever been officially documented. In the instance of this long and heavy alligator, the tail girth was four feet and the belly’s girth measured five feet, eight inches.

Still, Flynt thinks there’s even bigger alligators out there that can outdo this newest record.

“I feel like, just as in years previous, it’s not over yet. There are a lot more alligators out there that can break the record, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it broken later today or tomorrow.”

Earlier Saturday, Flynt had certified two other alligators that were caught. An 822-pound alligator caught by Clayton Gibson of Natchez was recorded as the heaviest male alligator harvested in Mississippi. Not long after that, Angelia Rivers’ 13-foot, seven-and-3/4-inch gator was certified as the longest male alligator harvested in the state.

Only a few weeks ago, the Inquisitr wrote about a 920-pound alligator that broke the Alabama record. The gator, which was caught in the state’s Eufaula River, had a total of 250 pounds worth of meat on it. The hunter, Scott Evans, said that nothing of the alligator was going to waste. He planned on having a huge Labor Day cookout with it.

A year ago, another alligator in Alabama broke the record — a 1,011.5-pound specimen that was over 15 feet long — found in Meek Creek, a Lake Eufaula tributary. Upon opening the alligator’s stomach, 115-pounds of the reptile’s weight was due to a deer found inside it.

Will there be another reptile to beat the 826-pound alligator record in Mississippi soon?

[Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images]