920-Pound Alligator Found In Lake Eufaula In Southeast Alabama

A 920-pound alligator was recently found in Lake Eufaula in southeast Alabama. The 13-foot, six-inch gator was caught on August 14 by Center Point hunter Scott Evans, according to a AL.com report.

Alligator hunter Scott Evans was at Lake Eufaula with his pals, Justin and Jeff Gregg, when the 920-pound gator was spotted, WBNS 10-TV News said. The enormous alligator was weighed at the Dixon Lumber Company in Eufaula.

An alligator that weighed 1,011.5 pounds and was over 15 feet long was found in Meek Creek, a Lake Eufaula tributary, last year. When the reptile was opened up, approximately 115 pounds of the weight was due to a deer found in the alligator’s stomach.

“We knew it was big. We took some measurements of its girth, base and around its tail after it was in the boat,” the alligator hunter said. “It is pretty amazing when you think about it.”

The 920-pound alligator is expected to produce about 250 pounds of meat. The gator will also likely be a record breaker at Lake Eufaula.

Evans said the alligator will not go to waste. The hunter has reportedly gathered some new gator meat recipes and is planning a big cookout for Labor Day weekend.

News of the massive alligator catch has garnered Scott Evans a plethora of attention. He is currently in the process of attempting to have the 920-pound gator put on display at a Cabela’s store. Evans said he received an email reply from the outdoor store asking him to send some photos of the Lake Eufaula alligator.

Richard Tharp, a wildlife biologist for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, said the agency has not yet received any official paperwork on the 920-pound alligator so it cannot yet be determined if a new Lake Eufaula record catch has been set. The 13-foot, six-inch gator captured in the lake is currently the largest recorded harvest from Eufaula.

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