Two Men Live-Stream On Periscope As They Hunt Down A Man To Shoot, No One Calls The Police

Two men live-streamed their attempt to track down a man that they thought was sleeping with one of their girlfriends so that they could shoot him. The men, Carlos Gonzalez and Damon Batson, streamed their attempt live on Periscope as they drove through the streets of California with a loaded gun and an agenda to shoot another man. Despite discharging the gun and approaching the would-be victim’s home, no one from the Periscope live-stream called authorities.

CBS Sacramento reports that the two men broadcast a “man hunt” live on Periscope as they drove the streets with a loaded gun. The men told viewers that they were tracking down a man to shoot after they thought he may be sleeping with one of their girlfriends. Despite the fact that the men were live streaming the potentially deadly situation to viewers, no one called the police. In fact, police would not find out about the damning video until the next day.

During the Periscope video, Gonzalez tells viewers that if he didn’t think he would get in trouble legally, he would “Periscope everything.”

“If I didn’t think I would get in trouble with the law, n***** I would Periscope everything.”

After driving around in their car, they finally make it to the place that they expect to find their victim. They storm the stairs and knock on the door. No one answers so they peer through a window. They discover that no one is home. Meanwhile, Periscope followers seem to encourage the men in their potentially deadly deed, giving “hearts” for the spectacle. However, when one user questions whether the gun in the video is real or not, the men fire a shot out of the vehicle window.

According to the Daily Mail, police were not notified of the men’s erratic behavior and threats until the next day when a link to the video was discovered. They say they are still trying to identify the targeted victim in the video and contrary to the social media user’s belief, the police have found numerous charges to file against the two men and have taken them into police custody. Charges against the men include suspicion of cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm, receiving stolen property, weapons violations, suspicion of gross negligent discharge of a firearm, and possession of a loaded gun in public.

[Image Credit: Periscope via CBS Sacramento]