Apple iPhone Fans Cheer Over Overblown Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design Controversy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released last week and the consensus seems to be that it is the best large-sized smartphone on the market today. Fox News noted a major feature of the Galaxy Note 5 that users won’t be able to find on any current iPhone.

“The iPhone 6 Plus’ full HD display is terrific, but it’s no match for the quad HD screen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. This Super AMOLED panel packs a ridiculous pixel density of 518 ppi, but its quality reaches far beyond pixel count.”

Fox News lists other Galaxy Note 5 features not available on the iPhone: The S Pen feature, The Octa-core CPU, the 4GB of RAM, and the super-fast charging speed, wireless or not. It all sounds (and feels) too good to be true, so — as expected — there are people making up fake scandals. BGR, a well-respected site that is also largely considered an Apple fanboy site by many in the industry, was one of the first sites that wrote about the Galaxy Note 5’s “major” flaw.

“However, the phone does appear to have one unexpected critical flaw that can damage the device: Inserted the wrong way, the device’s S-Pen can permanently ruin the smartphone, as a new video reveals.”

BGR even went as far as to follow up the first article with one titled, “If Apple had released the flawed Galaxy Note 5….” They wrote a mock article pretending that Apple had the S-Pen design flaw in order to prove what alleged victims of bad press Apple has become. The irony of it all is that not many people, unless something is really wrong with them, aren’t going to insert the S-Pen the wrong way. Even if they do, it’s not likely that inserting the pen in the wrong direction will “ruin” the device. Still, iPhone fans are cheering the controversy, especially on Twitter.

If you own the Galaxy Note 5 and decide to insert the S Pen back into the device the wrong way, you are not doomed. Phone Arena has a video that shows you how to get it out without breaking the device. It requires a little bit of dissembling the Note 5, but it’s easy enough for most people. Now that the Galaxy Note 5 S Pen scandal is losing ground, it will be interesting to see what scandal people make up for the upcoming iPhone 6s.

[Photo by Andrew Burton / Getty Images]