'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham Causes Confusion On Social Media

Eager to please, Farrah Abraham continues to share Instagram uploads from her trip to Italy where she ostensibly went in order to take part in the Venice Film Festival. Beyond catching new flicks and walking red carpets, the Teen Mom OG alum has also been caught up in certain traditions from the memorable boot-shaped European country.

Farrah took time to enjoy the beach at The Lido and the glassware in Murano, as The Inquisitr reported this past weekend.

Then, on Labor Day, Farrah showed up on Instagram, still rocking the Venice, Italy geotag while taking advantage of the local cuisine and the chance to admire a gondola as the traditional boat slid by her view while she dined with her daughter.

The 26-year-old small screen personality has been afforded the chance to show how involved she has remained in show business as well as in mothering her daughter.

On Monday, as Farrah showed a video about her canal experience, she shared a hashtag that called out "preggo." A number of her fans didn't think about the fact that Farrah was in a country where the residents speak Italian and where the word she mentioned means "you are welcome." Instead, many believed the former 16 and Pregnant star was saying she is pregnant again, 10 years after she first found herself with child.

"Preggo?" asked one follower, adding "You mean prego I suppose!?!?!

"Why did you hashtag "preggo" dear god I hope that you're not," stated another fan.

"Preggo? If so congratulations," curiously remarked still another follower.

As Farrah's fans try to keep up with her adventures in Venice and understand the meaning of her social media captions, some also remember at least one of her notable red carpet appearance in Italy's floating island. Last week, the Teen Mom OG star suffered a wardrobe malfunction that pundits called out as being "a media-grabbing stunt," according to The Inquisitr.

Before her naked body was revealed, the young woman had been rocking a fancy floral frock that featured a thigh-high slit and a dangerously low-cut neckline. As she posed for a cavalcade of cameras, Farrah moved in such a way that her dress fell open, allowing the paparazzi to show the world that she was not wearing anything underneath the garment that covered her body.

Still, that fashion problem didn't stop the former Teen Mom OG cast member from having fun. Since the mishap, she has apparently shrugged off the former slipup that revealed she was going commando beneath her fashionable summer gown.

Instead, she has focused on many of the wonderful aspects of her chosen European vacation destination widely known to be favorable for far more than movie premieres and sartorial snafus. Those assets include all the sights, sounds, and scents that make up a Venician experience, up to and including what Farrah Abraham refers to as "gondola-ing."