Mother Of Abandoned Baby Girl Still Missing, May Need Medical Attention[Video]

A newborn baby girl believed to be only a few hours old was found abandoned on a porch in Atlanta earlier this week. Police have been searching for the mother, who may be in desperate need of medical treatment following the birth of the baby girl.

The baby was found wrapped in a Hello Kitty blanket, still attached to her umbilical cord, on a Harlan Road porch in Atlanta around 5:30 p.m. Monday night, according to 11 Alive. The baby girl has been dubbed Baby Harlan.

The mother of the baby girl may be afraid to come forward for fear of facing abandonment charges. It is yet unclear if charges would be filed. In Georgia, the safe haven law allows mothers to leave a newborn baby less than seven days old in the care of someone at a medical facility with no questions asked, and fearing no repercussions, as long as proof of identification, if available, is provided, as well as an address.

Although the situation involving this baby girl does not strictly adhere to the safe haven law, it is evident that some degree of care was taken with Baby Harlan. She was abandoned very shortly after birth, wrapped in a warm Hello Kitty blanket and placed in an area where the baby would be easily discovered.

Lieutenant Murphy, of the Atlanta Police Department, says they don’t have enough information yet to determine if the baby girl’s mother will be charged, according to Fox 46.

“We’re still investigating. We don’t know why the baby was there so we don’t have enough right now to said there’s going to be any charges.”

There is speculation the baby girl may have been born to a young, teen-aged girl. Whatever her reason for abandoning the baby, officials are saying the mother needs to seek medical attention to be sure she suffers no health problems from delivering the baby on her own.

Baby Harlan is doing well, and will be taken into DFCS custody once she is released from the hospital. Sargent Greg Lyon says they have been inundated with calls offering to help with the baby girl.

“We’ve had people wanting to adopt the child we’ve had people want to give money and clothes and donations so it’s nice to see there are people out there willing to do that.”