WWE News: Legendary ECW Tag Team Shockingly Returns On 'Monday Night Raw' - Dudley Boyz Are Back

For months, there have been rumors that the legendary tag team known as the Dudley Boyz and Team 3D would be returning to WWE, and it finally happened. After The New Day picked up a victory over the Lucha Dragons, the Dudley Boyz made their unexpected return on Monday Night Raw and shocked the wrestling world.

New WWE Tag Team champions, The New Day, had picked up a victory over the Lucha Dragons after winning the titles back at SummerSlam just last night, as per WrestleZone. After the match was over, the trio was dancing and singing in the ring until the explosions hit near the stage and the music of the Dudley Boyz filled the Barclays.

Needless to say, the entire arena went insane.

Bubba Ray and D-Von headed down to the ring as the New York crowd popped huge for the legendary ECW tag team. As they got close to the ring, the members of The New Day just froze and stared, but Xavier Woods invited them into the ring.

The Dudleys hit the ring and destroyed Kofi Kingston and Big E before taking out Xavier Woods. Bubba Ray pushed D-Von and along with the crowd, he told him to very loudly "Get The Tables!"

D-Von brought a table into the ring and the team delivered a devastating Three-D to Woods through the table, as recapped by WWE.

After the demolition was over, the Dudleys rolled to the outside of the ring and went near the announce table. There, they came face-to-face with the Prime Time Players before getting back in the ring to play it up for the fans again.

Yes, the Dudley Boyz are officially back in WWE for perhaps one more big run, and it looks as if this is not a one-time deal like Bubba Ray's appearance in this year's Royal Rumble. Now, their actions show that they will likely be around for a while and go after the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Earlier this summer, Luke Harper had been taunting the Dudley Boyz on Twitter after he reunited with tag team partner Erick Rowan. Once Rowan got injured and put on the shelf for a few months, the back and forth stopped.

Now, it looks like the Dudley Boyz are back for good and will begin feuding with The New Day and possibly the Prime Time Players over the WWE Tag Team Titles. In time, Rowan will be back and the ECW legends' feud with the Wyatt Family will take place.

[Image via WWE]