WWE News: Huge Heel Turn Takes Place During WWE Title Match At ‘SummerSlam’

WWE SummerSlam was expected to bring a lot of action and big time happenings on Sunday night, and that is exactly what took place. Plenty had gone down before it became time for the “Winner Take All” match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and United States Title between Seth Rollins and John Cena. Everyone thought it would end in a sham, and it actually ended with a big heel turn.

The match was back and forth throughout, with both Cena and Rollins hitting some huge moves and scoring near falls. Neither superstar could keep the other down, and that was with Rollins flying through the air on a number of occasions.

As the match was going strong, the ref got bumped and knocked to the outside. Both men were extremely tired and beaten down, and neither could get the upper-hand. That was when it happened.

With the referee down on the outside of the ring, SummerSlam host Jon Stewart ran down the aisle and into the ring with a chair. He threw the chair into the ring and then climbed in and picked it up.

Stewart had the chair in his hands and walked over toward Seth Rollins who was crouching against the corner turnbuckles. Rollins and Stewart have had their troubles in the past with confrontations coming on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and on Monday Night Raw, per The Daily Beast.

Cena, who had been caught with a big knee from Rollins, was down on the other side of the ring. As he stood up, Jon Stewart made an unexpected heel turn and nailed Cena in the stomach with the chair before throwing it down to the mat.

Seth Rollins ran over and grabbed John Cena, and delivered a Pedigree on the chair. The ref rolled back into the ring and counted the pinfall to give Rollins the win and both title belts, as WrestleZone recapped.

A lot of people thought that the match would end with both wrestlers holding onto their respective championships. It’s going to be interesting to see how WWE goes forward with Rollins holding onto both the WWE Title and United States Title.

There was a “huge swerve” at the end of the “Winner Take All” match as rumored, but it wasn’t Sheamus cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

SummerSlam has brought a lot of action, but the heel turn by Jon Stewart at the end of the WWE Title match was one that no one saw coming. Now, the feud between John Cena and Seth Rollins is expected to continue, but where it goes from here will come in time.

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