Curiosity Rover Photographed Crashed UFO On Mars, UFO Hunter Says — Star Destroyer On Mars?

A UFO hunter claims he has spotted a crashed UFO in a recent Curiosity rover photo of rocky Martian terrain.

According to Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, the black object in the photo of the Martian terrain (see photos below) snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover is a crashed UFO.

Crashed UFO On Martian Surface?

Waring claims that the UFO is only about 2.5 to 3 meters long. This means it is probably a small shuttle that carried a few passengers at a time from a mothership stationed in space.

Is This An Odd-Shaped Rock Or A Crashed UFO On The Martian Surface?

But the online UFO hunter adds that since most alien figures spotted on the Martian surface tend to be miniature beings about 5-8cm tall, it is possible that the ship was able to carry about 20-40 alien astronauts at once.

UFO enthusiasts commenting on UFO Sightings Daily were unanimous that the black object is a flying craft.

“This ufo picture looks like the SR-71 ‘Blackbird’ military plane.”

However, many non-believers are skeptical of Waring’s suggestion that the Curiosity Rover photo actually shows a UFO. Most think that the photo shows only an odd-shaped rock.

Regardless, some have remarked that the “UFO” resembles a Star Destroyer from the Star Wars movie franchise.

Star Destroyer
A Star Destroyer [Credit: LucasFilm]

“Anyone familiar with Star Wars will recognize the similarities the object’s shape seems to have with the film franchise’s famous Star Destroyers – warships known for their firepower, which causes enemy ships to surrender or be destroyed. Though the fictional vessels were some 500 times larger than the object found on Mars.”

Although, the non-believing majority dismiss claims of UFOs in Curiosity rover photos of the Martian terrain, UFOlogists remain undaunted. Hardly a week passes without some eagle-eyed UFO hunter announcing new discovery of an alien UFO flying across the Martian sky or parked on rocky, barren Martian surface.

The Inquisitr reported in March, 2015, an alleged discovery of a flying saucer abandoned on rugged Martian terrain.

According to Mars anomaly hunters Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club (MMSPZC), the flying saucer (see image below) was spotted in photos of the Mars region of Aram Chaos, snapped by NASA’s Mars Orbiter camera (MOC).

Flying Saucer UFO Abandoned On Rugged Martian Terrain?

Anomaly hunters also claimed an intriguing discovery in February, 2015. Mars anomaly hunter Neville Thompson, with YouTube UFO hunters Martian Archaeology, claimed discovery of a flying saucer crash site in photos of the Candor Chasma region of Mars — 6°25’40.89?S 76°53’48.65?W.

UFO Crash Site On Mars?

The photos (see above) appeared to show a flying saucer UFO that crashed on the Martian surface “plowing into Martian soil and finally coming to rest half-submerged in the soil.”

[Images: YouTube via UFO Sightings Daily, LucasFilm]

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