Zachary Hammond: Video Requests Overwhelm Seneca Police, Mark Tiller’s Files Go Missing?

Requests for the Zachary Hammond shooting video have apparently overwhelmed the Seneca police department to the point that they were forced to hire a public relations firm. What’s worse, some of the files for Mark Tiller, the police officer who allegedly shot Hammond from behind, have gone missing.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Seneca Police Chief John Covington says two police officers, including Mark Tiller, were involved in the drug bust which lead to Zachary Hammond’s death. One undercover police officer pulled up in a vehicle next to Hammond’s car in order to purchase marijuana from 23-year-old Tori Morton, who was a passenger in the car. Tiller was standing by to help with the arrest when Hammond allegedly sped up and tried to run the policeman over. In response, Tiller opened fired, hitting Hammond multiple times through the car window.

Lawyer Eric Bland claims the South Carolina cops must have shot Zachary Hammond from behind based upon the autopsy reports. In addition, it’s claimed these officers desecrated the corpse.

“A police officer with a neighboring police force has confirmed to SLED that the Seneca Police Department celebrated the killing of Zachary by desecrating his corpse,” Bland wrote. “After Zachary had been shot and killed, member(s) of the Seneca Police Department lifted his dead hand and ‘high fived’ Zachary Hammond.”

The State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has refused to release the Zachary Hammond shooting video, claiming it falls under exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act. The lawyer is also claiming that Solicitor Chrissy Adams has no intention of filing charges against the police officers.

Now, Mark Tiller’s former supervisor, Thomas Williams, is claiming that some files have gone missing in the Seneca Police department. The missing files do not involve the shooting of Hammond, but it’s claimed the missing reports discussed how Tiller has missed court dates and mishandled guns in the past.

“During my tenure as captain I heard talk about Tiller failing to secure an assault rifle that was left on the trunk of a car and later found and turned in by a citizen,” he said, according to the Independent Mail.

Interest in the Zachary Hammond video has also led to a “bombardment” of media requests. They claim these demands required them to hire a PR company called Complete Public Relations, which has responded to the issue.

“The city of Seneca, through the police department, through my office, through the city attorney’s office, through elected officials, has been inundated with phone calls, emails, and requests for all kinds of interviews and information,” City Administrator Greg Diettreck said in a statement, according to Greenville Online. “With our limited staff, and time spent on other daily responsibilities, we have tried to be as responsive as possible. Although we’ve been criticized by others as nonresponsive, personally, I think we’ve done as best as possible based on the circumstances. But we can’t keep up with the continuous bombardment of requests and allegations.”

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