8 Reasons Why Jon Snow Is Dead

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers below.

Jon Snow’s death in the Game of Thrones season 5 finale shook the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and brought an outcry of disbelief among fans. Rumors of Jon Snow’s survival — spurred by actor Kit Harington’s appearance near the Game of Thrones season 6 set in Belfast — elicits hope from fans, but here are some reasons Jon Snow might be dead for good.

Jon Snow was stabbed (a lot) and obviously bled to death.

During the mutiny at Castle Black, Jon Snow was stabbed one too many times. The blood leaking from his body and lifeless face doesn’t help his case either.

Harington said he’s not returning to the upcoming season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Harington told Variety that Jon Snow’s dead and he’s not coming back in season 6.

“I’ve been told I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really.”

A Game of Thrones creator said Jon Snow is dead.

Dan Weiss, executive producer of Thrones, told EW that Jon Snow is dead and “dead is dead.” Additionally, the head of HBO’s programming, Michael Lombardo, gave a similar statement about Jon Snow to the L.A. Times.

“Dead is dead is dead is dead. He be dead”

Jon Snow’s corpse might be getting burned, indicated by a fire that was was spotted on Castle Black’s set in Belfast.

Wildlings and Night’s Watch alike see the importance of burning their dead so they won’t come back as wights. There wouldn’t be an exception for the late Lord Commander Snow, putting to rest any hope of his survival or resurrection. The fire spotted on the Castle Black set could be Jon Snow’s burial, and would explain why Harrington was seen near the Game of Thrones set.

But many fans strongly believe (or desperately hope) Jon Snow will be resurrected. However…

Melisandre has never brought anyone back from the dead.

The red priestess Melisandre’s appearance at Castle Black coincides with Jon Snow’s murder, making her his likely salvation. Yet, Melisandre’s never demonstrated or spoke about magic which can raise the dead. Unlike in the case of Beric Dondarrion, who has been repeatedly saved from the brink of death by the red priest Thoros of Myr.

Even if brought back, Jon Snow could be a shell of his former self.

We only have to look at Khal Drogo for an example of resurrection magic gone wrong. The dead can be brought back in Game of Thrones, but more often than not they won’t be their old self.

Jon Snow is still dead even if he comes back as a wight.

It’s always possible Jon Snow’s body doesn’t get burned and he ends up as an undead wight, but that still means he’s a dead mindless slave to the white walkers.

Jon Snow isn’t resurrected if he ends up living on in his dire wolf, Ghost (and he probably can’t either).

Fans of the books will cite Jon Snow’s untrained warg powers, which allow him to enter the mind of his white dire wolf Ghost in the novels. It’s possible Jon Snow might live on in the mind of his dire wolf, but that’s hardly a proper resurrection. And although his abilities were showcased in the books, the series has not confirmed that Jon Snow’s warg powers have carried over.

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