Jenny Block, Columnist, ‘Feels Sorry’ For Josh Duggar: Does She Have A Point?

Jenny Block, a columnist for Huffington Post, has written what may be the harshest critique yet of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — and fundamentalist Christians, for that matter.

Block says that she “could not feel sorrier” for the eldest Duggar child, who has had a disastrous 2015, starting with the In Touch Weekly story that revealed he molested his sisters while he was 15-years-old and, most recently, the Ashley Madison data breach that showed he’d been unfaithful to his wife, Anna.

Many who were once supporters of the Duggars have started to give up on Josh, and for Block, this is misdirected.

One fan even recently suggested that Josh Duggar should consider taking his own life.

For Jenny Block, while Duggar may be a “criminal” now — one who molested his sisters and “deserves to be behind bars” — he was raised as a victim by two repressive parents, so “of course” he had an Ashley Madison account.

“He was kept from a normal life, a normal childhood, a normal upbringing… He was raised to believe that the natural, healthy feelings he was having about sexuality were wrong. He was taught that there shouldn’t even be any kissing until marriage. Are you kidding me? Think about that for a minute — telling an adolescent that they are to bottle up all of their healthy, happy sexual feelings because they are ‘bad’ and ‘wrong.’ It’s sick. It’s dangerous. And, obviously, it’s escalating all around.”

Block goes on to state that she believes it was this upbringing that caused the “criminal behavior with his sisters” and that he was taught “victims were to blame.”

“He was taught that women were put on this earth to serve men,” she adds. “He was taught that life barely existed outside of the four walls of his family home. What on earth did we expect to happen?”

Jenny Block isn’t alone in feeling this way. The Duggar Family’s Official Facebook Page has become increasingly an attack on their parenting style.

Tierney Sadler writes that the Duggars “raised a monster,” and that they taught their daughters “to believe that protecting their molester is more important than protecting them from molesters.”

“Josh isn’t the only one with a problem here,” she continues. “The parents need to be taking responsibility for raising a child with zero morals and a criminal predilection for young girls, especially those related to him. I’m sure you feel like God is testing your family. It looks more like he’s justifiably punishing it to the rest of us.”

What do you think of the backlash that the Duggar Family — mainly Jim Bob and Michelle — are receiving from places like Facebook and columnists like Jenny Block — justified or unfair?

[Image via Josh Duggar / Twitter]