Duggar Fans Give Up On Josh Duggar: He Should Take His Life

Duggar fans have not had a good year.

After news broke on InTouch Weekly earlier in 2015 that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest child, Josh Duggar, had molested four of his sisters and one other girl as a 15-year-old, they were left reeling. However, some were still supportive of the clan as a whole — even, to some extent, Josh.

But all that changed on Wednesday night (August 19) when news broke that for the last two years, Josh Duggar had been cheating on his wife through Ashley Madison, a dating website that encourages and facilitates affairs.

Duggar maintained two active accounts, the first of which he launched in 2013 and continuing until earlier this year.

An Ashley Madison data breach revealed Duggar’s involvement, and on Thursday, he released a statement (later revised) that detailed his struggles with viewing pornography and standing for conservative morality while cheating on his wife.

“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever,” Duggar’s statement began.

Most Duggar fans agreed on the family’s official Facebook page.

“I’m praying for Anna that she finds the strength and courage to move on from Josh for good,” wrote Laura Jean Savage.

She continued, “She also needs to make sure until Josh is treated for his addiction to porn and his past inappropriate behavior that he’s supervised around his children. He needs serious help. He needs to enter a rehab facility for a long long time. He’s the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen…. #JoshDuggarSinner”

“So sad for the Duggar family, but I don’t feel bad for Josh,” added Christopher Brusich.

“Praying for the Duggar family,” writes Abbie Segovia. “Though I do have to say my respect for Josh is nil at this point. He isn’t the changed man everyone said he was. He needs serious help.”

Perhaps the harshest rebuke from one of the Duggar fans speaking out came from Jiz Sgerson, who said that Josh Duggar needs to “better his life or take his own.”

While there were still some Duggar fans who maintained support for the family, some pointed out that raising children in such a “stifling” environment would naturally cause unhealthy explorations, such as the kinds that Josh Duggar has taken part in over the years.

The Josh Duggar sex scandal has already caused the cancellation of the popular TLC series 19 Kids and Counting. It remains to be seen whether Josh’s latest indiscretions will bring more damage to the family’s brand.

What do you think, readers? Are Duggar fans reacting too harshly to Josh, or is it to be expected? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Josh Duggar Twitter]

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