Lara Flynn Boyle At 45: A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On What Boyle May Have Done To Her Face

Paula Mooney

Lara Flynn Boyle doesn't make too many public appearances. Perhaps because when Boyle does appear in public, articles from those speculating why Lara looks so different from previous years appear online. Indeed, the most recent pics of Boyle appearing on the Daily Mail website show the 45-year-old looking extremely different than the photos of Lara over the years in Google Images.

Boyle hasn't admitted to having any plastic surgery work done on her face, but curious fans want to know why Lara looks so different. Dr. Paul S. Nassif -- of the plastic surgery TV show Botched fame -- speculated in 2010 that Lara appeared to have had a nose job, lip augmentation, Botox, facial fillers, and maybe even a browlift and facelift.

On April 13, 2007, during the red carpet arrivals to the 14th Annual Race to Erase MS themed "Dance to Erase MS," Lara appeared much like her former self. But something changed in the eight years since that photo was taken to make Boyle look so different that folks take notice. View image |

By October 25, 2008 — only a little over a year later — Lara began to look markedly different. A photo captured at the 30th Anniversary Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel that day in California shows the difference.

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Those differences continued a couple of years later, when Boyle was photographed on December 9, 2010, for a special IFTA screening of Where The Day Takes You.

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Years later, on April 23, 2013, Lara attended the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reunion of Wayne's World in Beverly Hills. Boyle's changed appearance continued.

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In a similar manner that the Internet exploded over the buzz of Renée Zellweger's dramatically changed appearance, folks are buzzing about Boyle's dramatically different look in an effort to discover what types of anti-aging procedures certain Hollywood actresses are undergoing -- and how to avoid bad results.

Plastic surgery experts advise that the best kind of work to get done is something subtle, something that makes the participant appear refreshed, and as if they've had a good night's sleep. In general, folks don't want plastic surgery that makes them look worse -- or that makes them look so different that their appearance change is immediately evident and noticeable.

In 2005, Boyle spoke about wanting a plastic surgery breast job when being interviewed by Conan O'Brien, but said she couldn't because she's been such a vocal advocate against plastic surgery in the past.

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