Seattle Children’s Hospital Cancer Patients Sing ‘Stronger’ [Video]

Young cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital have become an internet sensation with their music video, performed to Kelly Clarkson‘s “Stronger.”

The video was posted by the hospital on May 6th, and now has over one million views, along with comments like:

“This video seriously made me want to work in a children’s hospital when I’m older. Thank you for inspiring me.”

Clarkson made her own video in response to the performance. The AP reports that Clarkson said in her message:

“It made my day. I know it’s making everybody else’s day online. I just can’t wait to meet you.”

ABC News reports that the video’s idea came from 22-year-old Chris Rumble, who was diagnosed with leukemia in April. The former hockey player from Wenatchee stated:

“I wanted to make a video to send back to my team and I thought what better way to do it then with the kids on my floor.”

He wrote on the hospital’s blog that:

“I’m everyone’s big brother and I have a lot of friends here at Seattle Children’s.”

When speaking about the video, Rumble stated:

“It was not only good to see the kids happy, but it was also great to see how their parents were so happy as they watched their kids just being kids — dancing, singing and having fun.”

Dr. Douglas Hawkins noted that projects like the music video help to maintain the patients’ high spirits, which can be tough when faced with cancer. He stated:

“When a child or young adult is treated for cancer, it puts their whole life on hold in a way that doesn’t seem fair at all. It’s a fight for their life. But there are all these other normal things they want to be doing too, or things they want to focus on other than the medicine or the illness or their time in the hospital.”

Louise Maxwell of the hospital’s public affairs office told ABC News that:

“They never expected this…the video from Kelly, emails, and comments on YouTube are wonderful expressions of support for the kids to hang in there and stay strong.”

Below are the videos of the young cancer patients performing “Stronger,” as well as Kelly Clarkson’s response:

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[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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