Deez Nuts For President? Not A Joke As Iowa Farm Boy Takes Presidential Race By Storm

When “Deez Nuts” started trending on Twitter the other day, you might have rolled your eyes over what you assumed was another dumb top trend. If you clicked the link, you would have found out that Deez Nuts isn’t exactly a childish joke. In reality, it’s the alias of a teenage farm boy from Iowa who decided to run for president.

Contrary to what our current two-party system would suggest, hundreds of Americans run for president every four years. You’ll usually only hear about a couple dozen possible candidates at most, either Democrat or Republican. But Deez Nuts, whose real name is Brady Olson, has changed that.

The 15-year old has a website that features his stance on various political issues of note, such as immigration, job creation, and even the Iran nuclear deal.

“I support the work that John Kerry and the State Department did with the Iran nuclear deal, considering it took nearly two years to reach this point.

Everyone wants a better deal, but that’s the whole point of negotiating. Look at your wants, then their wants, and meet in the middle. Now is the time being respected instead of feared by other nations. I also feel that we need to stop being a world watchdog and limit our positions in international conflicts.”

The teen also created a Twitter account a week ago. It has already amassed 1,500 followers. This number will probably grow as the Iowa native gains increasing international exposure.

The youngster is getting numbers not seen since Ross Perot ran in the ’90s against George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. In North Carolina, nine percent of those who took a poll by Public Policy Polling or PPP listed “Deez Nuts” as their preferred candidate. What many pundits and reporters are trying to figure out is why.

Tom Jensen, the director of PPP, believes the support of teenager is based in large part on the frustration voters feel with the leading Democratic and Republican candidates.

When asked why he ran for president, Olson/Nuts admitted he wanted “to clear the way for a future third-party movement.”

His timing may be a little too perfect. Democratic contender Hillary Clinton is the leading Democratic hopeful, with some thinking that a poor GOP field will aid her White House aims. Republican Donald Trump is a close second, but his platform has tirelessly alienated voters.

Few believe someone named Deez Nuts could push either of these political powerhouses out of the way. However, if his support base grows large enough, this Iowa teen could have a severe impact on election results in 2016.

[Image Credit: Screengrab from YouTube/ABC 7]