Iggy Azalea Rents Entire Australian Amusement Park To Entertain Fiancé Nick Young And Her family

When Iggy Azalea rents an entire amusement park, you know how serious she is about having fun.

Iggy Azalea rented out an entire Australian amusement park on Aug. 18. She took charge of the park, with all the rides completely functioning just for her family and her beloved fiancé Nick Young. Needless to say, Azalea’s family and close relatives and Young were the only people present at Sydney’s Luna Park apart from the park officials and ride operators.

Iggy Azalea Wanted To Go Like Ordinary People, But The Park Was Closed

The rapper’s intention behind renting out an entire amusement park was twofold. Iggy wanted to offer an amazing experience to her fiancé, who was visiting Australia for the first time, reported The West Australian. However, imagine her disappointment when she learnt the famous Luna Park was closed. Still, not losing heart or simply asking Young to go to many other wonderful sites Australia has to offer, Iggy Azalea decided to simply rent out the entire park so that the couple and her family members could have fun without being hounded by fans. Additionally, an entire park simply meant Iggy and Young wouldn’t have to even risk standing in a queue to enjoy the rides and attractions.

Iggy Azalea Rents Entire Australian Amusement Park

Speaking about her experience at the park and categorically mentioning she would have loved to visit during regular times like regular people do, Iggy said,

“I rented Luna Park yesterday, I went there yesterday. I love Luna Park. I would have gone regularly, I promise I would have, but I didn’t realize it’s not open every day and I’d been talking about it so much to Nick. And then when I actually looked to buy tickets for my whole group I saw every day that I’m here it’s not open.”

Despite the stardom, Iggy Azalea still is a wide-eyed child, who loves amusement parks, Iggy candidly revealed, and added that among the many attractions, the Joy Wheel was her favorite,

“I didn’t want him to not go because I love the Joy Wheel, the little thing that spins around and you have to stay on. I’m obsessed with it still. I did that yesterday for five hours, that’s basically what I did.”

Nick Young proposed to Iggy Azalea on his 30th birthday. Young, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, had revealed to People Magazine, “It’s love”, about his relationship with Iggy.

Sure, nothing screams love more, than when you rent out an entire amusement park. However, if Iggy Azalea had read the fine print, she wouldn’t have been able to make this grand gesture.

[Image Credit | Jason Kempin / Getty Images, INFphoto.com via The Daily Mail]