Iggy Azalea Talks Balancing Love And Haters In New Interview

Iggy Azalea may not have won Spike’s Lip Sync Battle when she tried to cover Silk’s sexy “Freak Me,” but the Australian rapper’s star is still rising. Despite constant twitter jabs from rap rivals and their legion of fans, Iggy stock continues to rise. In a recent interview with Seventeen, Iggy talked about being in love and balancing love and hate while trying to find her own piece of happiness in the crazy, mixed up world of hip hop.

Growing up, Iggy admits she was a socially awkward, small town girl who was insecure about her body, but eventually found solace in music, particularly rap. As a teen, Iggy had a plan to leave her tiny Australian town to follow her passion – music, and ended up in Miami, Florida.

From having three top ten hits simultaneously to having her song “Fancy” become Spotify’s most streamed song, Iggy takes all the joys and pains of success in stride, telling Seventeen, “I knew that if I was going to look the way I look, be from Australia and rap, I was going to be polarizing.”

Since leaving her humble beginnings, Iggy has been running full steam ahead with a rap career to die for in an industry that’s not the most female friendly, and a lifetime of marital bliss with soon-to-be husband Nick Young which almost wasn’t. For Iggy, their romance didn’t start with like at first sight, much less love. Iggy told US Weekly that she initially hated Nick, thinking he was just another “arsehole basketball player.” Iggy talked of their happy engagement, telling Seventeen they “don’t fight very often,” which is good since most of Iggy’s fights occur on social media.

Iggy admits that during the first waves of criticism heaped on her, taking to Twitter to defend herself was a bad idea.

…it’s seen as if you’re an angry, bitter woman.”

Iggy admits she still finds it hard to balance love from fans and hate from trolls, but she’s managed to find a way out of the maze of the social media monster. Instead of shutting down Twitter, she shuts it off and goes horseback riding, her other passion.

But shutting of the internet only quiets the trolls, it doesn’t do much to stave off Iggy’s battle with her own body image. She has, however, accepted some of her flaws. After coming clean about her cosmetic surgery, Iggy reminds her Azaleans that changing what you don’t like about your body is more than simply going under the knife.

Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It’s important to remember you can’t change everything. You can never be perfect.”

Though Iggy Azalea has many more miles to go to catch up with her female hip hop predecessors, she’s playing by her own rules and winning every time, well, almost every time.

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