‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Tattoos: See Harley Quinn Actress Margot Robbie Showing Off Her Inking Skills

The cast of Suicide Squad recently proved that they’re very dedicated to their craft by getting matching tattoos, and it looks like #SkwadGoals might become the new #SquadGoals — all thanks to Harley Quinn’s horrible spelling.

Director David Ayer became an official member of the Suicide Squad by allowing Margot Robbie to ink his arm. The actress was all decked out in her Harley Quinn costume, and she stayed in character by misspelling the word “squad” as “skwad” (apparently psychiatrists don’t have to know how to spell). The bad tattoo definitely looks like Harley’s handiwork — it’s reminiscent of the prison-style scribbles that can be seen all over the Lil Monster’s legs in Suicide Squad set photos.

You can see Margot Robbie wielding what appears to be a very real tattoo gun in the Twitter photo below. At least she looks like she’s trying to make her handwriting as neat as possible. No regrets!

David Ayer also shared a picture of Harley Quinn’s tattoo parlor sign, and it should serve as a warning to stay away from designs that involve letters. Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad co-star Jai Courtney, aka Captain Boomerang, found this out the hard way when he got his own “Skwad” tattoo. However, it kind of works with his crazy skull tattoo. According to Elle, Courtney’s 6-year-old goddaughter designed the ink.


IGN posted a collection of a few more social media photos from the Suicide Squad cast’s visit to “Harley’s Tattoo Parler,” and Miss Quinn certainly doesn’t worry about violating any health and safety codes — she was letting her customers tattoo each other. Will Smith, aka Deadshot, was tasked with inking Joel Kinnaman, aka Rick Flagg. Smith has wielded tons of guns throughout his movie career, but he was having a hard time handing the tattoo gun. According to Kinnaman, watching Will work was like “watching a drunk baby fly a helicopter.”


There’s no word on whether Jared Leto tried to top all of his Suicide Squad co-stars by getting every one of the Joker’s crazy tattoos permanently inked on his skin. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Leto has taken method acting to the extreme by trying to think like the Joker even when he’s not on the Suicide Squad set. One of his craziest stunts was sending Margot Robbie a live rat as a gift. Fun fact: the rodent was eventually re-homed with director Guillermo del Toro.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 6, 2016. What do you think of the cast’s “skwad” tattoos? Is it cool that everyone involved is so passionate about this project or are they all losing their minds?

[Featured Image via Margot Robbie/Instagram]

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