Jason Derulo Plane Problems Solved: After ‘Wiggle’ Singer’s Crew Gets Booted, Jason Plans To Buy Private Jet [Video]

Jason Derulo has plane issues. Although some complain about airline prices and others about comfort, Derulo got irate when his bodyguard was denied the special treatment that he felt his crew desired on Southwest Airlines. Following that verbal altercation, the group was booted, reported People.

Los Angeles is sometimes known as the City of Angels. And in Jason’s view, he was being angelic in seeking preferred boarding for his group as they sought to travel to L.A. from Nevada. But Derulo’s behavior resulted in a plane brouhaha.

Jason is famed for a song called “Wiggle,” and the lyrics ask a question.

“How do you fit all that…” asks the song.

And if rewritten for a plane company, Southwest Airlines answered it by saying that Derulo’s crew didn’t fit because of their demands.

“His team requested an escort and were denied and they believed they were being treated unfairly,” said an insider. “When they voiced their concerns to the airline they were told they could not fly and proceeded on the plane anyway. At that point the Southwest agent called the authorities and removed [Jason and his group].”

Who to call when you can’t get a ride? Derulo decided a private jet was the ideal solution.

But Jason wanted to make sure that his fans understood his side of the story. So Derulo took to Instagram to tell his plane tale and express the plain truth, reported the Independent.

Jason revealed that, after his crew got booted, he fired his travel agent. And one of Derulo’s group also offered his opinion about a plane booting versus riding on a private jet.

“You can’t kick me off of this,” said the crew member from the luxury of the jet.

Jason also shared that he plans to purchase a plane in September to avoid such experiences.

And in case Derulo has any concerns about the money needed, ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks might be able to help by returning the BMW he bought her, as the Inquisitr reported.

Jason gave the luxurious BMW to former fiancee Jordin, but Wendy Williams tried to persuade Sparks to return it when she appeared on Wendy’s talk show.

Wendy didn’t mess around with polite conversation. She made it clear that she wanted Jordin to play the role of victimized ex, who would take action to get back at Derulo.

“I actually don’t want to comment on that,” said Sparks in response to questions about whether Jason cheated.

Finally, looking weary, Sparks responded to Williams’ question about whether she would return the BMW, and her response made it clear that it was Wendy’s idea:

“I haven’t really had time to think about it, but yeah, I probably will,” said Jordin. “He can have it.”

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