Did Wendy Williams Persuade Jordin Sparks To Return Jason Derulo’s BMW? [Video]

Jason Derulo may be receiving a familiar-looking present soon. It’s a luxurious BMW that he gave to former fiancee Jordin Sparks, who announced that she just might return that BMW on Wendy Williams’ talk show on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail. Although Jordin initially declined to talk about the break-up, Wendy drooled in her determination to get the young woman to dish the dirt on Jason Derulo, finally persuading Sparks to act as a puppet for what Williams wanted to hear. (Watch the video below to see Wendy in action.)

Wendy didn’t mess around with polite conversation. She made it clear that she wanted Jordin to play the role of victimized ex, who would take action to get back at Derulo.

“I actually don’t want to comment on that,” said Sparks in response to questions about whether Jason cheated.

Finally, looking weary, Sparks responded to Williams’ question about whether she would return the BMW, and her response made it clear that it was Wendy’s idea:

“I haven’t really had time to think about it, but yeah, I probably will,” said Jordin.

“He can have it.”

Watch the video to see what else Jordin said.


Sparks tried to steer the conversation to a positive note. But again Williams pressured her, and finally Jordin admitted that the couple’s “Marry Me” video shoot caused some issues.

“Hey, listen, we set ourselves up for that.”

Wendy also asked Jordin to discuss her weight loss. Sparks succeeded in losing 50 pounds in 18 months, and Williams was eager to steal her secrets. However, Jordin kept it vague, clearly trying to steer the conversation to the movie that she was there to promote. It’s suitably titled Left Behind.

As for the question of whether Jason Derulo cheated, he’s said repeatedly that he was not unfaithful, according to Us Weekly. He offered his own theory that their romance wasn’t meant to last.

“Every relationship has their ups and downs and you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, ‘Is this something that I’m supposed to be doing?”

Apparently, what Derulo did think he was meant to be doing was to show other young men how to be rude when you break up. The 25-year-old confessed that since he was out of town, he ended the relationship with Sparks via telephone.

Is there any chance that the break-up will eventually be made up? You can get a clue from what the younger singer said about Robin Thicke. As the Inquisitr pointed out, Jason Derulo was one of the few to feel sympathy for Robin.

“I can’t knock him for trying. He’s trying everything to get his girl back, so I can’t knock him for that. I talked to him personally, and we’re not necessarily like the best of friends or anything, but you know, he mentioned something about that. So you can tell when somebody is in dire need of having that special person back. And I think that’s all it is.”

What do you think? Did Jason cheat – and can you “knock him” for the way that he broke up with Jordin?

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