Jason Derulo Believes Robin Thicke Is ‘Desperate’ To Win Back Paula Patton

Jason Derulo has more sympathy for Robin Thicke than most people these days.

After the “Blurred Lines” singer split from his wife Paula Patton, he embarked on an admittedly embarrassing campaign to win her back. Not only did he start dedicating a slew of songs to his estranged spouse during shows, he named his latest album Paula. Unfortunately for Thicke, the public wasn’t willing to purchase a slice of his musical desperation. Album sales were reportedly dreadful around the world.

While some people are pointing and laughing at the singer for ruining his marriage, Jason Derulo seems to feel sorry for the guy. According to Digital Spy, Derulo believes Thicke is genuinely dedicated to winning back Patton. Unfortunately, it would appear that Robin isn’t getting a second chance. At least for now, anyway.

Jason Derulo said about the singer’s situation:

“I think when somebody’s desperate, they’re desperate. I can’t knock him for trying. He’s trying everything to get his girl back, so I can’t knock him for that. I talked to him personally, and we’re not necessarily like the best of friends or anything, but you know, he mentioned something about that. So you can tell when somebody is in dire need of having that special person back. And I think that’s all it is.”

Derulo told E! Online that he believes Robin was just doing what comes naturally by putting his heart and soul into his latest record. While Jason seems to understand what the singer is going through these days, Derulo’s explanation probably won’t convince fans to shell out any money for the record.

Jason continued:

“So it seems to me that it’s right in line with what a creative person would actually do. I think if he wasn’t creative, then he wouldn’t be talking about it all but the fact that he’s a creative guy, that’s what’s on his mind and that’s what he’s going to talk about.”

When Jason Derulo isn’t defending Thicke’s decision to devote an entire album to winning back his wife, he’s pimping his own musical endeavors. Derulo released Talk Dirty, the Stateside reissue of Tattoos, back in April. During a chat with the Star Tribune, Jason opened about his hit single “Wiggle” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Derulo explained:

“With this album, I really experimented a lot. ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Wiggle’ came off with that happy, party spirit, that deep down-and-dirty spirit. The album has lots of different sounds that you don’t hear on pop radio. Like ‘Wiggle,’ the main instrument is recorder. Remember in elementary school how you learned how to play the recorder? It really stands out. You hear ‘Talk Dirty” with the saxophone. It was something you would never hear [on pop radio], but you’re hearing it a lot more now.”

Are you a fan of Jason Derulo? What do you think about his thoughts regarding Robin Thicke? Will the “Blurred Lines” singer win back Paula Patton?

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