Robin Thicke Can’t ‘Get Her Back’, Says He’s Moving On

Robin Thicke’s awful year continues. According to TMZ, after months of public begging, Robin Thicke is finally ready to move on and stop pursuing estranged wife Paula Patton. Referencing sources close to Thicke, TMZ reports that while the singer has no intention of filing for divorce from Patton, he won’t continue his campaign to “get her back.”

The move comes at the end of a several months long attempt by Thicke to apologize and woo Patton. Reportedly, relations between the high school sweethearts broke down following the infamous MTV Video Music Awards in September of 2013. The performance made headlines for culminating in Miley Cyrus twerking on the much older — and very married — Thicke during a duet of his hit song “Blurred Lines.” At the time, Patton claimed she knew the details of the performance long before it aired. In a Today appearance shortly after the performance, Patton tried to defend Thicke by twerking against Al Rocker.

When Thicke’s marriage imploded, TMZ reported that Patton’s statements were an attempt to save face. It seems that the performance and Thicke’s behavior at post-show parties led to the final break down of the marriage.

Thicke and Patton in happier times.

While Thicke never publicly admitted to cheating on Patton, the singer’s latest album Paula was meant to serve as a combination apology and attempt to make up for his public failures with equally public apologies. While the world cringed, Thicke’s campaign became a staple at concerts and television appearances. There was even a music video featuring a Paula Patton look-a-like and a text about how one had “embarrassed” the other.

Unfortunately for Thicke, neither fans nor his estranged wife are listening. Paula sold a disappointing 30,000 copies in the United States. There have been no indications that Patton, for whom the album is named, has changed her mind on the separation.

Robin Thicke’s luck only got worse from there. According to The Guardian, Thicke participated in a twitter Q&A designed to promote the release of Paula. The singer was inundated with tweets from numerous users accusing him of misogyny and questioning his life decisions.

Any lingering hope Thicke had at a reconciliation were apparently squashed early this week when the singer put the home he and Patton shared up for sale. According to Variety
, the asking price is just under $3 million.

Do you have any sympathy for Robin Thicke? Do you think Paula Patton is better off without him?

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