WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker On ‘RAW’ — Will Another Brawl Break Out? Will John Cena Appear Before ‘SummerSlam’?

There is now less than a week until WWE SummerSlam, and tonight will be the final Monday Night RAW before the big show. It’s going to be a wild evening, as both Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are set to appear, but will they be able to stay civil until Sunday? Also, John Cena hasn’t been seen in weeks, so will he finally return to confront Seth Rollins before their WWE Title match?

WWE has released their official 5-Point Preview for the go-home RAW before their annual summer Pay-Per-View on Sunday. A lot is being teased for tonight, and that should not be surprising. This is one of the final shows before SummerSlam, and WWE wants to make sure they sell it as much as possible.

Will The Phenom and The Beast brawl before SummerSlam?

As confirmed by WrestleZone, both The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will be on RAW tonight. Last time, they couldn’t be separated even by more than half the locker room. Also, will we see more into the rumors of Undertaker possibly returning to his old biker gimmick?

Should Randy Orton watch his back?

Sheamus and Randy Orton have been feuding for weeks now, and the Irishman has gotten the upper-hand lately. They don’t have a confirmed match on the card for SummerSlam just yet, but this preview makes it seem as if it will be added.

Will Cena meet Rollins face-to-face on RAW?

Ever since Seth Rollins broke his nose and emergency surgery was required, John Cena hasn’t been seen. Well, he appeared on an episode of Tough Enough and debuted some suspect new merchandise, but it’s time for the competitors in the “Winner Takes All” match to come face-to-face.

How will Lana get payback against Rusev and Summer Rae?

Lana got destroyed and humiliated by Rusev and Summer Rae last week, but she also revealed that Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t be back until after SummerSlam. Maybe it’s a swerve by WWE and Ziggler will show up tonight, but fans can just wait and see.

Which Diva trio will stand tall before SummerSlam?

Team Bad, Team Bella, and PCB will likely all face off tonight on RAW, and chances are that a huge Divas brawl will break out. It may not include the Divas Champion, though, because she is nursing a back injury of some sort.

SummerSlam is going to be huge, and tonight’s Monday Night RAW will begin the final build for all matches. So much may happen on Sunday, and that includes a number of huge names rumored to appear, but tonight starts it all.

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