WWE Rumors: Top Star Not Returning This Week – Won’t Be At ‘SummerSlam’

For a while, a feud has been continued on WWE television without one of the primary superstars even being there. It was expected that Dolph Ziggler was going to return in time to take on Rusev at SummerSlam, and now it looks as if things are in place for him to return, but not until after the Pay-Per-View.

In July, Dolph Ziggler was attacked by Rusev with a crutch and beaten down to the point of being put out of action. That is, of course, the storyline and he was really taking time to film a movie called 6:42 for WWE Studios.

Rumors have had Ziggler coming back in time for SummerSlam, but as WrestleZone reported, that isn’t happening. Lana said on Monday Night Raw that he would not be returning until after the PPV so fans won’t see him in match at it.

In addition to that, WWE has now changed up all advertisements for its live events and taken Ziggler off of them. He was originally being advertised for this weekend’s WWE Live shows and then next week’s Monday Night Raw, but he’s now been scrubbed.

The past couple of weeks, Lana has kept up his feud with Rusev by being his voice on WWE television. Even this past week, Lana was speaking to Rusev in the ring until Summer Rae attacked her and locked her in the Accolade.

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Not only has a Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev match been rumored for SummerSlam, but many have thought it would actually be a mixed tag match. In that case, it would be Lana’s wrestling debut and she would finally step into the ring.

This still could happen, but not anytime soon. Whatever match is going to happen will likely take place at next month’s Night of Champions event.

Word has not gotten out yet as to why Ziggler won’t be returning until after SummerSlam, but it is expected to be something with the movie. Maybe they’re doing some re-shoots or extra scenes or who knows, but Ziggler is needed for a while longer.

WWE already has a number of matches scheduled for next week’s PPV so this one being off the card shouldn’t be a huge deal.

It’s interesting though that WWE will have a few of their top stars not scheduled for SummerSlam. Dolph Ziggler being out for at least another couple of weeks will keep a few big names off one of the year’s biggest PPVs.

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