WWE News: WWE Legend Calls Brock Lesnar ‘Dangerous’ In Ring And Says He Takes Advantage Of People

Brock Lesnar is an absolute beast, and it is no surprise that people should fear him when they are in the ring with him. The guy decimates just about every single person that gets in his way, and now there is a WWE Legend saying the same. Actually, Hacksaw Jim Duggan has now said that Lesnar is unsafe in the ring, and that he takes advantage of people.

Duggan appeared on the The Last Round podcast recently, and he kind of went off on Brock Lesnar and the Steiner Brothers. He decided to speak his mind and said what he was feeling about how they are in the ring.

As for Lesnar and his in-ring style, Duggan had some particular interesting things to say.

“You know [The Undertaker], he does a lot of high risk moves for an older man, out there taking…working with Brock Lesnar is dangerous anyway because Brock doesn’t seem to care about his partner. It’s easy to hurt people though. If I give you my body, then you gotta take care of me. Some guys don’t give a darn and Brock doesn’t give a darn, he’ll just throw people around. Steiners used to be like that … they take advantage of people. They take advantage of people. When you get another hard-nose out there they seem to loosen up really quick.”

As you can see by Duggan’s comments, he really and truly feels that Lesnar doesn’t care about others in the ring. He believes that Lesnar is one of those guys that just goes out there, wrestles in the ring, and if someone gets hurt, then they get hurt.

The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) were always known as stiff workers, and that they were quite careless with their opponents.

Brock Lesnar’s next match is at WWE SummerSlam in a little less than two weeks, and he will be taking on The Undertaker. It’s a match that many fans are looking forward to, just as they were for their match at WrestleMania XXX.

That match last year was one that was very hard-hitting and showed a lot of punishment. Word from back then is that The Undertaker collapsed upon getting backstage and was taken to a nearby New Orleans hospital with a concussion.

No one ever really came out and fully blamed Lesnar for being reckless in the ring with Undertaker, but the whispers went around about it.

When a WWE Legend who has spent decades in the business comes out and says that you’re dangerous and “unsafe,” it is sure to cause a stir. Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s comments about Brock Lesnar are sure to get someone’s attention, and maybe even before the beast’s match with The Undertaker.

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