WWE Rumors: Top Superstar Suddenly Pulled From Upcoming Tour — Replaced Without Explanation

WWE headed across the globe and is currently doing a tour of Australia where they already had to replace Hulk Hogan with Shawn Michaels due to all the controversy. Now, WWE has replaced a top-level superstar by pulling him from the tour, and it’s been done without any explanation. For some reason, Sheamus is rumored to not even be with the roster in Australia at all.

WrestleZone reported that Sheamus was scheduled to be on the tour and face off with Randy Orton at most WWE Live events. For some reason, he was replaced at Thursday’s live event in Brisbane with King Barrett.

WWE has given no explanation as to why Sheamus was not at the event, and have not said anything about him appearing at the rest of the events on the Australian tour. Rumor has it that he isn’t even over in Australia and didn’t make the trip with the main roster.

This comes as quite shocking because WWE.com even still has him listed as appearing today in Brisbane.

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He’s listed as “Included Superstars” which is always subject to change, but there was apparently no reason given for Sheamus’ absence at the event.

If he’s not over in Australia, then it’s even stranger than what happened at today’s event in Brisbane. Currently, Sheamus is still scheduled to appear at the final two events, one of which is in Melbourne and the other in Sydney.

On Monday Night Raw, Sheamus was a part of a big six-man tag match that paired him with the Wyatt Family to take on Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. There’s been no word on if he suffered some kind of injury, or is not on the tour for disciplinary reasons.

Now, he wasn’t at the SmackDown tapings on Tuesday night either, but again, all superstars aren’t always there.

Even though not yet confirmed, Sheamus has been rumored for the SummerSlam card, and he has been expected to face off with Randy Orton again. They’ve continued their feud recently, and it looked like things were on track, but now this has happened.

Early on Tuesday, Sheamus was on Twitter, but it had nothing to do with wrestling.

King Barrett has replaced Sheamus on the Australian tour, at least for the Brisbane show, and he faced off with Randy Orton. It’s not yet known if he will also fill in for the final two shows of the tour.

Sheamus randomly disappearing and being pulled from WWE’s Live Event in Brisbane is odd, but nothing to be concerned about just yet. It could mean nothing, but then again, it could mean a lot and more should be known soon.

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