Austin Mahone Apologizes To Kylie Jenner For Claiming She Wrecked Her Ferrari

Austin Mahone wasn’t entirely sure if Kylie Jenner wrecked her new Ferrari or not. The pop singer found himself involved in some “Dirty Work” when he claimed that the newly turned 18-year old wrecked her new white Ferrari the day after her birthday.

Austin Mahone obviously feels bad for reigniting rumors that Kylie Jenner crashed her car the day after her 18th birthday. The “Mmm Yeah” singer is reportedly apologizing to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star after spreading the rumor to several media outlets.

Mahone is quickly cleaning up any dirt he left behind on his interviews with Watch What Happens Live and Entertainment Tonight. That’s when the pop star suggested that the famous Jenner may have already crashed her new Ferrari. Mahone opened up to People magazine at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night and admitted that he feels bad for spreading the rumor.

“I was at the party and I saw that she got a Ferrari. And then a couple hours later I saw on Twitter and I saw like the same Ferrari, like the same color and it was all smashed up and like everyone was going crazy on Twitter like ‘Oh Kylie crashed her Ferrari,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, no way.'”

Austin realized his mistake for believing the online rumors. Even Kylie Jenner herself told a fan last week that she didn’t crash her Ferrari. Kylie followed up her Twitter response by showing a photo of her new vehicle on Instagram, for the world to see. Austin must’ve missed Kylie’s tweet, since he didn’t realize it was just a classic Twitter rumor.

“Classic starting rumors online. I’m sorry if I started a rumor. I didn’t mean to. That’s what happened but she told me that she didn’t crash it so… her Ferrari’s fine, everything’s good.”

Austin first reignited during his interview with Entertainment Tonight last week. As previously reported via the Inquisitr, Austin revealed that he attended Kylie’s star-studded bash. He also heard a rumor that Kylie crashed her new vehicle the very next day.

“I think she crashed it, too, which is pretty crazy. I saw that on Twitter. I was like, ‘What?!'”

The singer should know better than to believe everything that he reads on Twitter. Later that week, Mahone appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss the rumor once again.

“She got a Ferrari for her birthday, which is insane. I heard she crashed it, though, the next day.”

Check out Austin Mahone’s interview with Andy Cohen below. You could tell that even Austin himself wasn’t too sure about the rumor!

Like Austin admitted, everything appears to be fine with Kylie’s new Ferrari. The reality star and her rumored boyfriend, Tyga, 25, were spotted driving around in the luxury vehicle on Aug. 14 after they returned from their celebratory trip in Mexico. Although Kylie opted to ride in the passenger’s seat, the car appears to free of dents and scratches. In fact, you could say that it was in mint condition.

What are your thoughts on Austin Mahone reigniting rumors that Kylie Jenner crashed her Ferrari? Did you believe the internet rumor as well? Do you think Kylie will forgive him? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Jason Merritt/Getty Images and Raffi Kirdi/Getty Images for INLIST]