Austin Mahone Tries To Claim That Kylie Jenner Crashed Her New White Ferrari [Video]

Austin Mahone is reigniting the rumors that Kylie Jenner has already crashed her new white Ferrari. The “Mmm Yeah” singer is causing the rumor, which claims that the newly turned 18-year-old already crashed the vehicle that was given to her by Tyga on her birthday.

Mahone, who attended Jenner’s 18th birthday party on Sunday, August 9, made an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. During his live interview, which took place on Thursday night, Mahone told Andy Cohen that he thinks Jenner’s new car is already wrecked.

Austin didn’t appear too sure about the rumor though. The “Dirty Work” singer responded, “I heard she crashed it like the next day — that’s what I heard.”

The singer also spread the rumor to Entertainment Tonight. Earlier this week, Austin Mahone told the celebrity news show that he heard about Kylie’s alleged car crash.

“I think she crashed it, too, which is pretty crazy. I saw that on Twitter. I was like, ‘What?!'”

Mahone’s comments made the rumor go viral once again on Twitter. Musician Jake Quickenden chimed in saying: “Kylie Jenner crashed her Ferrari. Whatttttt…Glad she’s ok but that’s $295,000 down the toilet.”

No worries though, fans. Kylie Jenner did not crash her Ferrari. A recent report via the Gossip Cop reveals that the accident did not happen. According to the report, the rumor started on Huzlers, which is a satire news site. The site even says at the bottom that it creates stories to “shock” its readers.

The fake story joked that Kylie and Tyga took her new car out for a test spin after the bash.

“Kylie allegedly floored the gas pedal with an open road ahead of her. There was only one problem — the vehicle was in reverse.”

The fake news site also claimed that the Jenner teen slammed her Ferrari into another vehicle.

Kylie Jenner also denied the rumor by taking to Twitter on Tuesday. She responded to a fan who was concerned for the reality star. Kylie simply wrote that the story was “just a rumor.” She also shared a photo of her new white Ferrari next to a private jet, before she embarked on her Mexico trip with Tyga.

It sounds like Austin Mahone is trying to gain relevancy by making the nasty rumor circulate around the internet. The singer confirmed his breakup with singer Becky G. Mahone opened up to Entertainment Tonight about their split. He admits that he’s still good friends with the “Shower” singer.

“We actually kinda broke up a few days ago, just ’cause we’re so busy traveling and all that. We thought it was kinda best if we just chill for a second, but we’re still super close. We’re close friends.”

Austin also confirmed that he’s collaborating with Becky on his debut album. What are your thoughts on Austin spreading around the Kylie Jenner car crash rumors? Do you think it was an innocent mistake? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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