Lenny Robinson, Who Dressed As Batman To Give Sick Kids Courage, Killed By His Own Batmobile

A man who dressed up like Batman to cheer up sick kids in the hospital was killed this weekend in a bizarre car accident — he was struck by his own Batmobile.

Lenny B. Robinson, 51, became a viral sensation a couple years ago when he was pulled over by police in Maryland for his Batman-themed license plates. The interaction was captured on video and posted online, The Washington Post added.

After Robinson’s time in the spotlight, he continued his charitable cause. The night of his death, he was driving home after a car show in his black Lamborghini. On the way home, he stopped at a gas station, where his car grabbed the attention of a family and sparked a conversation. Robinson gave their kids some memorabilia, and the two cars got back on Interstate 70.

The family who’d just met the famous charitable Batman then witnessed his death.

According to police, his car experienced some engine trouble and broke down, forcing Lenny to pull over at about 10:30 p.m. Unfortunately, when he stopped his vehicle was still “partially in the fast lane.” While he was checking the engine, a Toyota Camry struck Lenny’s famous Lamborghini.

And in a bizarre twist of fate, the Batmobile hit Robinson, killing him. He was pronounced dead on the scene, NBC News added.

A successful business had given Robinson the means to buy a $5,000 suit, a Batmobile, and spend $25,000 a year on books, rubber symbol bracelets and other toys to hand out to children in hospitals all over Maryland and D.C., FoxNews added.

Lenny worked closely with Hope for Henry, started by Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg after their son Henry died. Strongin was inconsolable after hearing about Robinson’s death. She said he called every year on her son’s birthday.

“He made so many kids so happy. When I asked him to do anything, he always said yes. He was magic.”

According to the Post, Hope for Henry had just filmed a video about Lenny’s program. In it, a little boy with leukemia is dressed as Batman and waiting outside a hospital. Then the real superhero — Lenny — shows up in his Batmobile and emerges to hug the child.

He was quoted once as saying that everything he did was just for the children and that Batman — who he became interested in through his son — was the perfect persona to inspire them.

“Eventually, it sinks in and you become him. It feels like I have a responsibility that’s beyond a normal person. And that responsibility is to be there for the kids, to be strong for them, and to make them smile as much as I can.”

[Photo Courtesy Lenny Robinson Facebook]

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