UK’s Poundland Wipes Israel Off The Map, Features Palestine Instead

The UK’s popular budget store Poundland is stocking a globe which features Palestine, but neglects to show the State of Israel. This was discovered recently by a shopper in the store’s Kilburn High Street branch in London.

The product is dubbed a “a unique desk accessory! Great novel stationery product perfect for any student,” but when the shopper, who prefers not to be identified, decided to buy the globe, they were surprised that the State of Israel had been completely left off the map but the globe clearly features Palestine.

Priced at £1 ($1.57), the product is intended for use by students at home and is distributed by H&O, a company based in Birmingham. However, it might not give school children quite the correct view of the world as it features Palestine but not Israel.

On investigation, the same globe is available at Poundland’s Irish subsidiary, Dealz, at €1.49.

Naturally the Twittersphere had a field day about the product with Palestine supporters pouring out their 140 character messages.

On Israel’s side of the story, a certain amount of sardonic amusement was registered along with disgust at the globe which features Palestine but not Israel.

The Jewish News quotes a spokesperson from Poundland who said that the globe does have a key on the underside, listing a number of countries including Israel even though it features Palestine instead of the State of Israel on the globe itself.

“However, we are investigating the product further with our supplier to determine if improvements could be made. We would like to thank the customer for bringing this issue to our attention.”

Breitbart notes that the Poundland incident happened in the same week that Air France was forced to apologize for technical problems which resulted in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Israel being “glaringly absent” from the computerized flight path seen by passengers on their planes.

According to their report the Air France maps have since been corrected but the incident caused some people to ask “whether Air France has succumbed to the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign aimed at delegitimizing Israel by wiping it off the map. It is unknown if the computerized map features Palestine instead.

In a similar vein, the Inquisitr reported a while back on the story of the Vatican, officially recognizing the State of Palestine in a new treaty.

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