Connie Ditto Found: Husband Denies Assault Allegation After Wife’s Bizarre Disappearance

Connie Ditto has been found safe after going missing last week amid a bizarre set of circumstances, and now the woman’s husband is denying Ditto’s allegation that domestic abuse led to her disappearance.

The Virginia woman left a bizarre string of text messages for her husband on Tuesday night before disappearance without a trace, leading to a police search of the area. Authorities were eventually able to track Ditto to the Extended Stay America Hotel.

But once police found Connie Ditto, the story took another twist. The woman said she really left to escape abuse from her husband, Mark, and she then filed a protective order.

Family members dispute those allegations, however, according to WTVR.

“He didn’t want to go on camera yet, but he said the allegations are totally false, and her own daughters made statements to that effect.

“Mark said the assault allegations stem from an incident last Thursday night, when he said his wife was drunk, and he and her daughters tried to take her car keys away from her so she wouldn’t leave the house.”

In a statement after Connie Ditto was found, her husband added that she may be suffering some kind of health crisis.

“I’m totally floored. We as a family are very happy Connie was found unharmed. I’m very sad and sorry for her apparent health problems,” he said. “I’m very disappointed by what she’s put her family through and all the people across the country who supported her search.”

Mark explained last week that Connie disappeared suddenly on Tuesday, leaving text messages saying she was suffering from some strange medical symptoms.

“I last spoke with Connie at 7:52 p.m. Tuesday night, when she called home from her salon saying she would be late because she was going to an urgent care center in Short Pump because she had a bad headache was dizzy and had blurry vision,” Mark told the Daily Mail. “The girls and I did not hear back from her for a while so we texted her at 8:29 p.m., no response, then texted her again at 9:05 p.m.”

He continued, “At that time we were in the car driving to the clinic, guessing that is where she was. She replied to our text at 9:08 p.m. saying that she was going to get X-rays and being taken to the hospital for possible surgery. We tried calling her, no answer. She texted back at 9:13 p.m. saying do not come.”

Police said Connie Ditto was found thanks to license plate capture technology, which located her car and allowed authorities to track her to the hotel.

[Image via WTVR]