Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Enters The Battle Of The Biggest — Phones That Is

Is it true that the bigger the brain, the smarter the person? How about the wider the pants the bigger the belly? What about the smarter the phone, the bigger the packaging? Samsung’s newest Galaxy phone is the S6 Edge+, and the company boasts, “There’s room for you to experience more, feel more.” It’s bigger, it’s curvier (only because the display is larger); visually there’s definitely more to love. Does that make the newest addition of the S6 family smarter, though?

The Edge+ is also being released with the Note 5, which has the same display size. Can the “bigger is better” adage apply in this case? Although visually they are both equally appealing, is the Edge+ really offering you anything different than its predecessors?

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will immediately offer a 32GB or 64GB configuration, and there is no option or availability for expandable memory. The S6 Edge has a 128GB configuration, and although the Edge+ had previously announced the same, it was later found that the website was simply incorrect, according to a Samsung spokeswoman. While this may not be an issue for some, how many people do you know that can go without taking a selfie, picture, or video for longer than three minutes? That adds up quickly, and without the SD memory option, it could be a deal breaker for most.

Although Samsung has upped the battery ante from the Edge’s 2600mAh to 3000mAh, it’s still not great, especially given the larger display area. It is, in fact, the same battery size as the Note 4, so is it really an improvement? It’s been done before. Also, the batteries in the Edge+ are not removable. Much like its older sibling, the S6 Edge, this phone offers wireless charging, so the battery issue may not make too big of an impact.

Live streaming is a new feature to this phone as well, allowing users to broadcast directly to YouTube or their contacts list. Does this mean that copious amounts of inane YouTube channels will suddenly start popping up? Only time will tell (and one can only hope), but you can’t help but think live streaming was a stroke of genius. That alone could drive the sales for this new addition. The camera is 16MP in the back and 5MP in the front with a pretty great resolution. This is where the 5.7-inch display and curved edges have the greatest advantage. It’s like looking at one of those endless pools you can swim in at fancy resorts.

Coincidentally, a few nights at a fancy resort will cost about as much as this phone. According to CNN Money, the 64GB without a contract could cost you upwards of $900 and as high as $450 with one. The 32GB could go as high as $814 without a contract and $350 with one. That’s a pretty expensive phone. With few upgrades compared to its immediate predecessor, you have to wonder if it’s really worth that price tag.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will begin shipping in the States on August 21, but you can head into your local Best Buy or mobile provider to test the basics for yourself. The phones will come in black sapphire and gold platinum for the time being.

Samsung would also like you to become acquainted with the Edge+. Without further ado, world, meet the newest S6. Newest S6, meet world. Watch the video below to further this connection and find out all the perks this phone will bring to your future friendship.

[Image via Samsung]

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