First Impressions Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is A Beauty

Don’t believe the negative hype about the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 5. While it doesn’t have a removable battery or a microSD card slot, it more than makes up for those deficiencies with other features.

Ever since the Galaxy Note 5 was announced on Thursday, critics have slammed the device with many not even handling it. CNET, who did handle the device, didn’t seem too thrilled.

“So long, faux-leather backing. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 is all slim, shiny, large-screened luster, with a redesigned stylus to match. It’s eye-catching all right, but there isn’t terribly much that’s new.”

Android Authority talks about the design of the Note 5.

“If you think the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beauty, you will also love the Galaxy Note 5’s aesthetics. This is because the new handset adopts the design language that was introduced with the S6 series.”

Actually, Android Authority didn’t stress the aesthetics well enough. The Galaxy Note 5 is simply the most beautifully built phone ever. In terms of build and design, it easily outdoes anything Apple or HTC has come up with. The device feels so premium that you want to wear gloves to avoid putting any smudges on it. Then, there is the screen.

Plenty of people complained when Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Note 5 screen would have the same exact QHD resolution as the Note 4. However, the screen on the Note 5 is noticeably more colorful with better contrast ratios. That’s saying a lot since the screen on the Galaxy Note 4 was nearly perfect.

Then, there is the performance of the device itself. The upgraded Exynos 7422 processor and the included 4GB of RAM make a complete difference over the already great performance of the Galaxy Note 4. The difference is mostly seen when using different internet applications, such as Dolphin Browser. Scrolling is completely smooth and pages load a lot faster.


The added performance is also seen when using several applications at the same time. Using S Note with Dolphin Browser and several applications running in the background, there are barely any hiccups. The Galaxy Note 5’s processor has the power of many laptops available.

Speaking of S Note, it’s possibly the best part of the Galaxy Note 5. If you thought writing with the S Pen felt natural and accurate with the Note 4, just wait until you use the much-better-built S Pen with the Galaxy Note 5 and S Note; it feels just as natural as writing on a pad of paper.

The chorus of critics for the Galaxy Note 5 keeps getting louder. But if most of these people actually held the device and used its different features for at least ten minutes, their opinions would change. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 might not be a groundbreaking smartphone, but it’s the best one available on the market today.

[Photos by Daryl Deino]

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