Avrian Villalobos: Texas Toddler Dies After Being Left In Hot Car With Internal Temperature Of 200 Degrees

On Tuesday, August 11, a 17-month-old baby died after being left in a hot car for nearly an hour. According to ABC News, the Pecos Police Department identified the little boy as Avrian Villalobos. It has been reported that Villalobos’ mother, 21-year-old Annabelle Millan, has admitted that she forgot to remove her son from the vehicle after returning home from dropping her husband off at work.

By the time she realized her toddler son was not inside the home with her other two children, it was already too late. Millan reportedly attempted to perform CPR after removing him from the vehicle, but to no avail.

The toddler was rushed to a local hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. The victim’s siblings were taken into Child Protective Services. According to KFOR, investigators have revealed that the temperature inside the car was registered at a staggering 200 degrees. Chief Clay D. McKinney of the Pecos Police Department recently shared details about the circumstances surrounding Villalobos’ death.

“I think we’ve had over 20-something straight days of triple digits temperatures,” said McKinney. “She did give an admission to investigators yesterday (Tuesday) that she did leave a child in the vehicle for approximately an hour. Her, the infant that passed away, two other kids, and the father left the residence so she could take the father to work. When she dropped the father off and came back to the residence, her and the two other children got out of the car.”

McKinney also touched on the possibility of the mother being charged. In similar cases, criminal charges have been classified as manslaughter, but in Villalobos’ case, the series of events are still being investigated.

“Child Protective Services were summoned also yesterday (Tuesday) and the other two children were removed from the home,” said McKinney. “Typically in a case like this, if the evidence supports it of course, it probably would be a manslaughter charge. What can you do from an incident like this, a tragic incident, but to learn from it. But you know you’re responsible for your children and everything is even magnified with the heat we’ve been having. It just does not take long for a vehicle to get hot enough to cause a death.”

At this point, there have been no charges brought against the baby’s mother, and it is unclear whether or not she will be charged in the baby’s death.

[Image via KOSA-TV Screen Capture]