'Big Brother' Veterans React To Intense Season 21 Finale After Winner Jackson Michie Floored By Confrontations

Wednesday night, Big Brother fans tuned in to see the Season 21 finale. Jackson Michie was named the winner and walked away with the grand prize of $500,000. However, he was stunned by allegations that he and some of his fellow BB21 houseguests had said offensive things that were perceived as racist and misogynistic. As the finale aired, a number of veterans of the game took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Jackson and fellow houseguests Christie Murphy and Jack Matthews were asked to address controversial moments from the season. One specific incident that was mentioned was when Nicole Anthony was kept out of the Head of Household room. The BB21 players were also asked to address some of what Kemi Fakunle and her fellow minority houseguests felt was a racism issue.

Big Brother fans were pretty divided over these issues being raised, and Jackson, in particular, was clearly stunned to hear that he had been perceived as racist and misogynistic. Based on some tweets from former players, though, it doesn't look as if Michie necessarily had a lot of support from those who have previously played the game.

Janelle Pierzina noted via Twitter that Jackson looked "sullen and hurt" at the end, and she got even more feisty when a follower pushed back.

"Yeah I did lose BB. At least I'm not a piece of sh*t racist. I live a fulfilling life! Hope Michie saves his [money] Bcuz he's not getting hired."
"The most somber victory walk in @CBSBigBrother history," said former winner Dan Gheesling via his Twitter page.Another previous winner, Andy Herren, had a lot to say via his Twitter page about all of this. For example, he said that Jackson got what he deserved after how he treated Kemi, Holly Allen, and Kathryn Dunn.
Andy did note that Jackson appeared to be truly shocked by the allegations. Herren explained that he hopes Michie takes a look at himself and his choices to make changes for the better.

The former Big Brother winner also tweeted that he thought the harsh discussion was necessary and that it might teach others some valuable lessons.

Former winner Nicole Franzel said via Twitter that she was sad and that it wasn't a happy finale. In addition, the Big Brother fan-favorite player went on to note that people need to check themselves if they are mean to others.
In terms of gameplay, there weren't many surprises in the Season 21 finale. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Jackson and Holly had sworn they would take one another to the Final 2. Nicole did her best to convince each of them to change their minds, but ultimately, the strategy didn't work. However, Nicole was named America's Favorite Houseguest, and she seemed genuinely thrilled and surprised by the viewer support.

Will Jackson Michie come to understand where the criticism came from once he gets home and privately watches the season back? Should the finale have included more time for this discussion, or should it have been entirely excluded as some fans believe? Big Brother viewers and veterans alike have had strong opinions about everything that transpired this season, and many will be curious to see what Jackson and others say in the days ahead.

You can check out the reactions from a number of other former Big Brother players below.