Several Sign Petition For Fox News To Fire Megyn Kelly: Will Bill O’Reilly Join?

One week ago, Megyn Kelly was a rising star in cable television news. However, she might have just shot down her own career. Last week, during a Republican debate, she asked Donald Trump questions about his alleged misogyny in what some considered an effort to ruin his campaign. Kelly did receive a lot of praise from the mainstream media about her questioning, but she may have turned off her main audience of conservative Republicans.

Whether they are overreacting or not doesn’t matter; Megyn Kelly’s brand has taken a hit. There are several petitions on with regard to Kelly, but the most severe one is aimed at Fox News and wants her fired. The mission statement is pretty harsh.

“She is unfair and unbalanced when it comes to questioning her guests, Resorts to Bashing guests she doesn’t like, she’s also overly flirtatious with male guests especially (Young males) and coyly tilts her head and bats hers eyes and gushes over them.”

The petition goes on to accuse Megyn Kelly of being a Democrat posing as a Republican. Those who signed the petition are very angry.

“Megyn Kelly is more concerned with promoting Megyn Kelly than she is in being a professional,” says Richard Joines of Walnut Creek, California.

“She needs to go work for CBS or NBC. Shame on her, this was suppose to be a debate, not bring down Trump,” writes Thomas Waldorf of Fernandina Beach, FL.

“By the way folks if you want to see this ‘offended by sexual remarks about women’ watch her interview when she was on Howard Stern. The guy that degrades women in the worse way while she laughs and giggles with him. She’s not offended there,” claims Frank Mendoza of Allen Park, MI.

Despite the backlash, Megyn Kelly is not backing down. Fox News reported on how Kelly began her show Monday evening.

“Apparently Mr. Trump thought the question was unfair and I was attacking him. I felt he was asked a tough but fair question. We agree to disagree.”

Kelly believes that Donald Trump will continue a successful campaign. She believes it is a tough business and that it is now time to move forward. Judging by the comments on Twitter and other social media sites, it appears that the Fox News viewers still aren’t able to forgive Kelly. Perhaps Megyn Kelly should have Donald Trump as a guest on her show — that would certainly bring in ratings!

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