Firefighter Rescues 9-Year-Old Girl From Burning Home, Rapes Her Afterwards

Firefighter John McGinn’s heroic rescue of a 9-year-old girl is now tainted due to the horrific actions that followed his act of bravery. According to Mirror Online, the 56-year-old firefighter raped the girl after rescuing her from her burning home. The incident, which reportedly happened in January of 1994, is finally catching up with McGill. Now, after 30 years as a firefighter, he has been convicted for the horrific act, and he is awaiting sentencing for his crimes.

It has been reported that the child was taken to her grandmother’s house after being rescued, but her mother was taken to a local hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation. The sexual assault took place when McGinn visited the little girl at her grandmother’s house. A game of “King of the Castle” took a traumatizing turn for the worse when McGinn attacked the young girl. Now at the age of 30, the victim is speaking out about the traumatic incident that has changed her life forever.

She also claims that she was sworn to secrecy because McGinn threatened to kill her mother if she discussed the attack with anyone. “I told him to stop. He said if I told anyone he would kill my mother,” the unnamed victim reportedly said. But of course, McGinn denies all of the allegations, insisting that the rape never occurred.

He even shared his sentiments of being labeled a pedophile. “It’s a downright lie, it did not happen. No chance. For her to come out with that is ridiculous,” McGinn said. “I would rather put a bullet in my own head than be a pedophile. Hanging is too good for a pedophile. Anything they have said is a downright lie.”

McGinn claims there is a reason for the victim’s allegations. He insists she’s speaking publicly about these claims in an effort to blackmail him for money. The veteran firefighter reportedly has a sizable fire brigade pension and is accusing the victim of wanting his money.

However, the victim’s claims are quite similar to another woman’s involvement with McGinn around the same time the rape took place. According to BBC News, she has also come forward with rape accusations, stating that she was raped by McGinn at the age of 16. The alleged victim, who described McGinn as a “monster,” claims that he was manipulative and controlling. She also insists the sexual and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of McGinn lasted for several years. Although McGinn maintains his innocence, Judge Lord Bonomy believes otherwise.

“You have been found guilty of a monstrous catalogue of physical and sexual abuse of a woman and two young children. There is no explanation that could excuse what the jury has found you guilty of. The sentence will inevitably be a lengthy prison sentence.”

In June, McGinn was convicted on six charges for the crimes he allegedly committed toward the girl and other victims.

[Photo by Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images)