Christian Taylor Surveillance Video Released, Shows Christian Jumping On Cars

The video footage of Christian Taylor via surveillance cameras has been released, and now the public is getting a chance to see the events that occurred prior to Taylor’s death. In the video by NBC out of Dallas-Fort Worth, a man who is reportedly Taylor climbs over a gate at the Classic GMC Buick dealership.

Christian Taylor video 5

“The Classic GMC Buick dealership released this surveillance video of Christian Taylor before APD arrived. Taylor was later fatally shot by police.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, due to the controversy surrounding the sophomore football player’s death, calls for the video of Christian to be released had grown louder. Now that Taylor’s video has been released, it answers more questions about the events surrounding the tragedy, but not all of the questions surrounding his death.

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In the video, Christian is seen running around the dealership and jumping on one car specifically for quite a while. Next, Taylor peels off the plastic on one car. The released surveillance video of Christian shows Taylor wearing sunglasses and sporting a dyed Mohawk before APD arrived.

Christian Taylor video 3Taylor stumbles over a curb before walking around the dealership and approaching the white fence once more. He gets back in his SUV and uses it to ram open the white gate and enter the dealership. Taylor appears to drive around, according to the video. The video shows the cops arriving on the scene. The officer walks near Taylor and is followed by at least two other cops. Christian was later fatally shot by police — footage that isn’t seen clearly on the video.

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Pretty soon after the officers are seen in the video of Taylor, an ambulance is seen pulling into the frame. Published on Saturday, August 8, the video is eight minutes and 57 seconds long — and it is growing in popularity due to the trending #ChristianTaylor hashtag on Twitter after his death.

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Although the 19-year-old Taylor could be seen driving through the front gate of the dealership in the video, Christian can’t be seen crashing his car into the window, nor can Taylor be seen getting shot and killed by police, because of the vantage point of the security video. It was 49-year-old Brad Miller who reportedly shot and killed Taylor, and it’s being noted by various publications that the officer is new to the police force.

As reported by the Denver Post, toxicology reports on Taylor have not been released yet to determine if Christian was under any influence.

[Image via Classic GMC Buick surveillance video]

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