Largest Great White Shark Ever Filmed Stars In New Video

A monster Great White shark more than 20-feet-long stars in a new video filmed by divers near Guadalupe Island, 150 miles west of Baja California. The video clip was released on Monday by shark fan and researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, Director-general of the environment conservation group Pelagios Kakunjá. The shark, known affectionately as Deep Blue, astonished the crew of shark watchers as it appeared from the depths of the Pacific Ocean and dwarfed the shark cage and the divers inside. The female shark is the biggest Great White shark ever filmed, and she is the super-sized version of the famous shark in the Steven Spielberg film Jaws.

Great White Shark Jaws
Up-Close File Photo of Open Jaws of a Great White Shark
Gigantic Great White Shark Known as Deep Blue Surprises Divers in Shark Cage

The waters near Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe) are known for their Great White shark population and are considered the best place in the world for divers to view these monsters of the deep.

Map of Guadalupe Island in the North Pacific Ocean

In June, the same film crew working with Padilla released another video of Deep Blue, the Great White shark.

The plus size lady shark in the video is believed to be about 50-years-old. With an engorged belly, she is either very pregnant or she just swallowed a whale for lunch. Sharks give birth to a litter of up to ten, and each baby shark is about five-feet-long. When the crew on the boat received the live feed of the shark from the divers below, they couldn’t find the right words to describe their astonishment.

“That is really the biggest shark that I have ever seen in my life. It is gigantian [sic], gargantuan. I mean, you have to make up a new word to describe this shark. That is a mega shark.”

These are the famous fish known for recent shark attacks, which bring them the most attention. On July 19, champion surfer Michael “Mick” Fanning was forced out of the water by a Great White while competing in the finals of the J-Bay Open 2015 in South Africa. As screaming fans watched, Fanning saved his life by punching the shark in the nose when it attacked his surfboard. As Fanning used his surfboard as a shield between himself and the shark, a rescue boat raced to the scene, scared the shark away, and safely brought Fanning to shore. To his good fortune, he emerged unharmed from the attack.

Deep Blue the great white shark will be featured during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2015 in the first episode titled “Island of the Mega Shark,” which airs on Saturday, August 29.

[Photo credit: Introductory photo from YouTube screen capture of another Discovery TV video]