‘The Walking Dead’: Get Ready For A Crazy Ride According To Melissa McBride

According to Melissa McBride (who stars as Carol “look at the flowers” Peletier), season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead “is crazy.” This is something, considering her character is probably the one who pushes the boundaries the most when it comes to social and moral issues. So when she says crazy, fans need to sit down, shut up, and strap themselves in for a roller coaster of a ride come October.

As Andrew Lincoln previously said, season 6 of The Walking Dead will start pretty much where it left off at the end of the season 5 finale and that with 18 story lines running concurrently, it will be “complicated.” Melissa McBride backs him up when she spoke to Entertainment Weekly recently.

“There’s so much stuff going on. They’re topping last year, I can tell you that… There are a lot of things going on in different story arcs.”

McBride also suggests that new characters arriving in season 6 will pit the existing characters against themselves and there will be “different points of view coming in that are challenging those things.” There is the suggestion that this could mean Ethan Embry’s new character is the main suspect here. While IMDb have Embry’s character listed as “Carter,” comic fans think his character might be based on a comic character called Nicholas, someone who is very different from the Nicholas we saw in season 5 of The Walking Dead. The Nicholas from the comic books is very critical of Rick Grimes and the way he does things, and judging from the season 6 images spliced through the interview with Melissa McBride, Embry’s character certainly does seem to match this criteria. But Ethan Embry is only one character, and Melissa McBride mentions “characters,” so it seems there will be other people who will cause disruption in season 6 of The Walking Dead. How all these new characters interact is one of the elements that will make season 6 such a “crazy ride” according to Melissa McBride.

It will be interesting to see it this conflict will be the mainstay for season 6, or whether external influences will make up one of the 18 story lines running together? Considering it has already been announced that there will be 654 walkers turning up in episode 1 alone, it seems likely that internal conflict might just be the least of their problems!

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will premiere on Sunday, October 11, 2015, on AMC.

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