JC Penney Doubles Down On Pro-Gay Advertising, One Million Moms Furious

JC Penney, who in the past has drawn the ire of the One Million Moms Anti-Gay organization with their hiring of Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman, has really put their heads in the lion’s mouth today. Their much awaited spring catalog showed a picture of a lesbian couple with their child. The One Million Moms have already sprang into action to try to erase this scourge from the country and stop the gay people from infecting our youth.

No seriously, the Million Moms organization is strengthening their calls for a nationwide boycott of JC Penney for their pro-gay attitudes.

The One Million Moms said on their website,

“JC Penney has laid low for the month of April airing two different commercials that portrayed them as remaining neutral in the cultural war. It is now obvious that JC Penney would rather take sides than remain neutral. JC Penney will hear from the other side and so they need to hear from us as well”

The One Million Moms also expressed a high level of frustration for how they are being treated by JC Penney’s managers. When One Million Moms members approach store managers and try to air their opinions about the store’s pro-gay attitude, the managers say “Thank You and walk away from them leaving them embarrased standing alone.

What seems to upset them the most is that they learned that this was official store policy for managers to just tell them Thank You and then walk away from them.

According to Buzzfeed.com,

“J.C. Penney is admirably doubling down on its campaign to piss off One Million Moms. This image (featured above) appeared in the JC Penney May catalog, and the conservative group that had conniptions over the retailer hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson promptly reconnipted”

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