Sabrina Corgatelli: Defiant Giraffe-Killer Keeps Job At Idaho State U., Plans 2016 New Zealand Hunt

Sabrina Corgatelli job Idaho giraffe

Sabrina Corgatelli skyrocketed herself to international infamy last week with a series of Facebook posts — in the immediate wake of the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer — showing her with hunting “trophies,” including a recently slain giraffe and other wild animals.

She described her ecstasy at killing of a giraffe as “a feeling I will never forget!!!” Corgatelli also used her Facebook posts to taunt people who objected to hunting of wild animals as “haters” and to quote the Bible as justification for her hunting activities.

In an interview Monday on the Today show, Corgatelli was asked if she thought her deliberate courting of a worldwide backlash would affect her job status. Corgatelli works as an accountant at Idaho State University, a state university system whose main campus is in Pocatello, Idaho.

Corgatelli shrugged off the question, saying, “How can an employer chastise you for something you do on your personal time that’s legally done?”

As it now turns out, her nonchalance about her job situation was entirely justified, as the University this week issued a statement saying that it has no concern over Corgatelli’s hunting, though the school stopped short of giving her hunts its own stamp of approval.

“This is not an Idaho State University matter. While the individual in question is an employee, her personal choices are not representative of the University,” Idaho State University said in a prepared statement released to the media on Tuesday.

Corgatelli is pictured above with her boyfriend, professional hunter Aaron Neilson, and the giraffe which she claims to have killed. Neilson is also pictured to Corgatelli’s right in the below photo, of her hunting party with a slain lion.

At the same time, the owner of a New Zealand-based hunting business announced Wednesday that he planned to host Sabrina Corgatelli on her next hunting expedition in April of 2016.

But Richard Burdon, owner of Glen Dene Hunting and Fishing at Lake Hawea in Otago, South Island, New Zealand, claims that he has already received death threats over the expected visit by the Idaho huntress.

“These people are out there aggressively using social media, it’s not about hunting, or ethical hunting,” Burdon told the government-owned Television New Zealand network. “I can’t even repeat what some of the people have been saying.”

Burdon attributed the alleged threats to “two angry groups” which he did not name.

At the same time, however, Burdon told the New Zealand Herald newspaper that he feels “more than comfortable” about hosting Sabrina Corgatelli, who said on her Facebook page that she expects to pay almost $5,000 for the opportunity to hunt and kill a stag, an animal that she described as “on the top of my bucket list.”

[Image: Sabrina Corgatelli Facebook]