Teen Go-Kart Bandit Arrested In Nashville After More Than 100 Robberies

Nashville police have finally managed to capture a 14-year-old boy they called the “Go-Kart Bandit” because of his use of a Go-Kart when stealing from more than 100 homes over a 2-year period.

Police received a tip on Friday that the teenager was prowling through a back alley in Nashville. When arrested the teenager admitted to recently robbing two homes along with several other break-ins.

Metro Police Lt. Horace Temple told WKRN:

“He was an innovative individual.”

The young man who’s name was not released because he is a minor was caught with a kitchen knife and gloves on Friday.

Police charged the young man with burglary, aggravated burglary, possession of burglary tools and loitering during regular school hours.

Investigators say the boy would walk through back alleys, looking for prime targets where he could steal video games, TVs and other items he could fit on his go-kart before fleeing the scene of the crime.

This isn’t the first time the Go-Kart Bandit has been arrested, he was also charged with robbery in November 2011.

Speaking about the boys home life Temple told WSMV

“The child didn’t have a mentor or any kind of guidance in his life, and it kind of led to the life of crime on the streets.”

First the barefoot bandit and now a teenage Go-Kart riding thief, perhaps its time that minors are dealt harsher sentences in order to keep them in line, I have a feeling this most recent arrest will do nothing to stop the young mans string of thefts.

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