The Reason Cesar Mazza Allegedly Killed His Ex And Her Grandma Is Horrifying

Pittsburgh resident Cesar Mazza has been charged with two counts of criminal homicide and at least one count of kidnapping after authorities claim that he murdered his ex-girlfriend and her 72-year-old grandmother. WPXI reports that the reason given by authorities is downright disturbing.

The 25-year-old man sparked suspicion on May 6 when he showed up at his mother’s home with his three-month-old son. The baby was covered in blood, but the man claimed that it was his own blood after he was stabbed by 19-year-old Tionna Banks — the baby’s mother. He claimed that she was angry when he did not bring her cigarettes, which sparked a violent attack.

However, by the next day it was made apparent that this was not the case. Authorities performed a welfare check at the residence where Banks was staying after she failed to check in with social services as she had been scheduled to do. What they discovered were the brutally murdered bodies of the 19-year-old woman and her elderly grandmother. Tionna had been stabbed at least 15 times, and she suffered multiple fractures. Her grandmother had been beaten to death.

A history of domestic violence exists between Cesar Mazza and his deceased girlfriend. In December, the woman filed a restraining order against him after he allegedly threatened to murder her and her family. Employees of the women’s shelter where she had been staying claimed to witness him making death threats on more than one occasion. Furthermore, the man had been accused of beating Banks back in November 2014 after he found out that she would not be naming their child after him.


Authorities in Pittsburgh say that the murder was fueled by that very same anger. She refused to name their son after him, and he is accused of stabbing her to death and killing her grandmother in a violent rage.

Cesar Mazza is not the only person accused of committing violent crimes for shocking reasons. Time Magazine reported in 2012 that a Long Island man fatally shot his girlfriend because the two had been arguing over the hit show The Walking Dead. The two reportedly got into a heated argument over whether or not a “military mishap” could lead to a real-life zombie apocalypse. Her refusal to entertain such a thought led to a bitter breakup, but when she returned that same night to check on him, he was waiting for her — armed with a shotgun. She was shot dead after failing to convince the man to calm down. The Inquisitr has also covered similar cases, including one involving a Texas man who killed his girlfriend, then himself, over a $500 lottery ticket.

Photo: Allegheny County Sheriff mugshot