Checkers Employee Caught Wiping Burger Bun On Floor Before Packaging Sandwich, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

A Checkers employee is in hot water over horrific practices that were recently caught on camera. For any fast food lovers who have ever had reservations about the things that happen behind the scenes, this particular clip may derail you from ever wanting to dine at a fast-food restaurant ever again.

According to USA Today, the video surfaced on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday, Aug. 4, shows a Checkers employee being filmed inside one of the food chain’s suburban Baltimore, Maryland, locations as she prepares a burger for packaging. However, the disgusting way she did so definitely isn’t very appetizing. She can be seen throwing the hamburger bun on the floor and rubbing it against the dirty surface before adding mayonnaise to it. Onlookers, presumably fellow employees who filmed the video, can be heard laughing in the background as she continues to preparing the burger.

After being uploaded to YouTube, the shocking video quickly went viral on a number of social media networks. Needless to say, an overwhelming number of viewers are outraged over what they’ve seen. In fact, the video has garnered so much attention that news outlets have also reported the incident, which has forced the fast-food chain to address the situation.

According to New York Daily News, Checkers has confirmed that the employee has been terminated but the incident is still under investigation. Lori Malcolm, the chain’s senior vice president of human resources, has released a statement on behalf of the Tampa, Florida, headquartered fast-food chain.

“I, like you, am appalled and disappointed by what I saw in that video,” said Malcolm. “We spoke to the employee in the video and her mother, and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened.”


Although the company reportedly insists the employee did not actually serve the burger to a customer, many social media users aren’t convinced. Some have even taken to Twitter with tweets about their concerns over the company’s statement about the incident.

Of course, many social media users find the footage highly appalling, but this definitely isn’t the first time a fast-food chain has received backlash for the actions of an employee. Just last week, Taco Bell made headlines for an offensive label an employee wrote on a Kansas cop’s order. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the employee wrote the word “PIG” on the cop’s order. While both incidents are entirely different, many social media users agree both are highly offensive.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]