#fieldworkfail: 'You Had One Job' As A Scientific Twitter Hashtag

Scientists and fieldworkers have recently started using the brand new Twitter hashtag #fieldworkfail to tell often hilarious stories and events that happen when they are doing research out in the field. The following are a selection of some of the best "you had one job" experiences out there.

Often really funny, the stories include, for example, the scientist who accidentally glued herself to a crocodile while attaching a radio transmitter. Even worse, the croc lost the transmitter within 24 hours and it was supposed to be on him for a month.

This is definitely a number one contender for #fieldworkfail and has been mentioned and retweeted a lot.

It seems Agata Staniewicz has her fair share of #fieldworkfail experiences too including, but not limited to, the problem she had with a boat sinking and what happened when she climbed into a tree.Then there's the story of the drugged zebra in Namibia who ended up getting stuck in the fork of a tree. Poor zebra!As for the manta ray who got tagged not once, but twice, with a $1,000 satellite tag, that turned out to be an expensive #fieldworkfail for Dr. Dove.Kathy Pike apparently enjoyed some cider before starting work collecting pear tree samples. She got drunkenly and pleasantly lost.Then there was the boating instructor who told his students to throw their anchors overboard. The only problem was three of the students forgot to attach the anchors to the boat in the first place.This one about a dead jackal is pretty disgusting. One just has to hope that Sarah Durant is OK.That one did get some great responses, however.For more ongoing #fieldworkfail debacles, visit Twitter, but on that subject, the Inquisitr recently reported on yet another viral hashtag. #DescribeYourSexLifeWithAMeal caused an equal amount of hilarity and could probably have put people off sex (or food for that matter) for life.

[Image: Zebra photo from Twitter]