Road Rage Fight: Elderly Couple, Cab Driver Come To Blows On Brooklyn Bridge [Video]

An elderly couple and a cab driver stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge when they came to blows on Tuesday during a road rage incident, according to NY Daily News.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., a video captured an SUV and a cab driver attempting to merge into the right lane to cross the bridge into Manhattan at the same time. But when neither of the vehicles was willing to let the other car cut in front, things took a turn for the worst. An unidentified elderly couple was seen getting out of their SUV and attacking the cab driver – who also remained nameless – after he threw a can of Pringles at the couple out of rage and snatched the elderly woman’s cane.

A male is heard saying, “She’s like 90” – referring to her age as she and her partner came to blows with the taxi cab driver.

“The cabdriver threw a container of Pringles out his window at the couple. Pringles were flying everywhere,” said attorney Marc Freund who witness the road rage fight from a few cars behind. “Then they threw water at him, and then all h**l ensued.”

“She was pretty tough,” Freund added. “She came out swinging.”

Several people watched from their cars, blowing their horns in hopes it would end the road rage fight, and traffic could move again, but when it didn’t work, an angry man got out of his car and approached the taxi cab driver and the elderly couple.

The so-called good Samaritan came to break it up, but he wound up laying a few shots at the taxi driver,”


“The old man took things into his own hands after his wife was thrown to the ground. A lot of speed to those punches.”

The man who got out of his car looked as if he was going to calmly put a stop to the road rage fight, but he shockingly becomes a part of it as he gets a few punches in on the cab driver. At that point, the cab driver keeled over, protecting himself as the angry man and the SUV driver relentlessly punched him.

The road rage fight came to an end when other drivers rushed to the taxi drivers’ aid and broke up the fight. However, they gave the poor man a piece of their mind before letting him go. Two men were seen yelling at him, obviously discussing what took place as one of the men pointed to his car.

Witnesses said everyone who took part in the road fight had fled the scene before the NYPD arrived.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]