NASA Won’t Comment On Moon ‘Breakaway Piece’ In Apollo 11 Photo — UFO Hunters Say It Was ‘Cloaked’ Alien UFO Observing Moon Landing

UFO hunter Streetcap1 reports an intriguing anomaly spotted in an old NASA Apollo 11 Moon landing photo. The photo appears to show a piece of the Moon detaching or breaking away from the lunar surface and rising into the air.

And despite inquiries, NASA has declined to comment on the mysterious space photo anomaly.

NASA’s refusal to comment has sparked speculation in the UFO community that this could be proof of conspiracy theory claims that technologically advanced aliens observed NASA’s Apollo landings in the 1970s.

Streetcap1 comments that the Apollo 11 image appears to show “a piece of the Moon breaking away.” According to Streetcap1, the photo actually shows a camouflaged, disguised, or “cloaked” alien UFO monitoring the Apollo 11 landing.

The aliens had not intended to reveal their presence, UFOlogists say. But NASA’s cameras caught the stealth UFO at a moment that it was rising from the lunar surface.


According to UFO hunters, evidence that the strange object is a “cloaked” UFO comes from the fact that a photo of the area of the Moon taken a moment later does not show the object (see images below).


UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring agreed with Streetcap1’s assessment of the image. Commenting on YouTube, Waring said the object was a “ship secretly disguised as the surface of the Moon.”

“This is just awesome. A ship secretly disguised as the surface of the moon. The perfect stealth craft. No one will suspect it.”

Writing on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, Waring said the photo likely shows a “cloaked” or camouflaged UFO that gave itself away inadvertently.

“This is a great photo of the moon in high quality. However there is one odd thing about it. A piece of it is breaking away.”

“It is possible that aliens have evolved so high, that living longer is the gold of their times. So to accomplish this, they create ships and buildings that blend into the environment. This could be a ship leaving the surface, and if astronomers see it moving through space, they will believe it to be an asteroid.”


U.K.’s Express reports that although UFO enthusiasts are eager to hear from NASA scientists what they think this photo shows, NASA has so far declined to comment.

The news outlet reports that it sent a message to NASA inquiring about the nature of the “breakaway piece.”

“It looks like a piece of the moon is above it. Various UFO websites are automatically saying it is UFO etc, but aside from that it is a bit odd. Could any of the NASA scientists put forward any explanation for it?”


A NASA spokeswoman, Lynette Madison, confirmed that she received the inquiry July 22, according to the Express. She explained that she forwarded the inquiry to NASA science spokesperson Dwayne Brown.


But despite efforts to get Mr. Brown to comment, he has refused to respond. Madison sent a message in response to further inquiries from the Express.

“I’m surprised that Dwayne has not responded. He is the person who would need to respond because he has the contacts with the scientists.”

So why is NASA refusing to comment on this intriguing anomaly in its Apollo 11 photo?

[Images: NASA; UFO Sightings Daily; Getty]