Camp Shelby Shooting – Suspects On The Loose In South Mississippi

Camp Shelby Shooting Update: Law enforcement officers have reportedly located a pickup truck matching the description of the vehicle spotted during the Mississippi shooting. Two men have reportedly been taken in for questioning.

Camp Shelby shooting alert was issued after two men fired upon a group of soldiers at the south Mississippi military base. Police are currently looking for a two-door, red Ford Ranger pickup, with the words “Broken Arrow” written across the top.

No one was reportedly injured in the Camp Shelby shooting. Shots were fired around 12:10 local time at the joint forces training center. A release from the Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith stated that the shooting suspects are believed to be two white males.

Forrest County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Forestry Commission members are also assisting in the search for the Mississippi shooting suspects.

Large training exercises have reportedly been ongoing at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center. The public has reportedly been permitted on base to watch the military exercises. Civilians were reportedly allowed to watch field medicine practice, directed artillery fire and surveillance drone launching drills.

“This is a step-up exercise and about as much training under one scenario as we can get,” Colonel Jeffrey P. Van, commander of the 155th Armored Combat Brigade, said. “It’s as live as we can project here at Camp Shelby.”

The military exercises, which have been dubbed the “Exportable Combat Training Capability,” began in mid-July.

Approximately 500 active-duty soldiers from Texas were at Camp Shelby training with a National Guard unit from north Mississippi. The facility reportedly encompasses about 134,000-acres in the Hattiesburg area. About 4,600 soldiers are participating in the military exercises on the base.

“This is the first time that we’ve had this kind of exercise at Camp Shelby,” said Major General Augustus L. Collins, the adjutant general of Mississippi, as well as the commanding general of the Mississippi Army and Air Force National Guard.

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